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24 Sep 2013

Metal Build Exia Repair

Metal Build Gundam Exia Repair

Metal Build continues the Gundam 00 Series,
I think the only one left is Qan[T]....

The box design continues the same format as the previous Metal Builds'. But this time, scratch/ weathered graphics all around the box. --- to match the Repair.

Lets Jump into the box!!!

22 Aug 2013

27 Jul 2013

GWC1.0 final results

GWC1.0 Top 3 winners!

A long wait since the GWC1.0 submission posted, but here we are, the results everyone has been waiting for. I would like to thank every contestants for their effort and interest in my first ever contest in Gunpla community.

I will be announcing top 3 winners from our average marks out of 3 judges (Me, Syd aka Gaijin Gunpla & Lupes). As previously started:

Judging Criteria:

Each criteria weighs 20% 5 marks and adds up to 100% 25 in total
  1. Nub removal
  2. Seam line treatment
  3. Weathering scale awareness (remember your model's scale)
  4. Weatheirng techniques
  5. Overall appeal
Every judges went through a form like criteria judging process for each contestant. Lupes supplied with total marks as he is having trouble saving the judging form (my bad..) but nonetheless, the marks are very close!!!
Upon request, the judging forms can be send to contestant.

Cut the intro, straight into the results!

13 Jul 2013

GWC1.0 Submissions

Yup, the time is up! Gunpla Weathering Contest 1.0 aka GWC1.0 is now entering the judging phase.
No more submissions shall be accepted from this post onward.

Phew, what a massive downloads from email. I got to say thank you all of you for your time and interest in joining my first ever contest. Time must have overwhelmed some contestants here, since not every one submitted their final photos. So, I'm posting up all submissions I have received now...

16 Jun 2013

GWC1.0 updates

GWC1.0 partial updates

Its been 20 days since our entries were announced.
Here are some updates from those who provided WIPs!

Entry no. 1: Brian (BRC) - HG MS-05B Zaku I

1 Jun 2013

Moving house?

How do you relocate your Gunpla models? 

Undoubtedly moving house is a problem for modelers. The fear or damaging models on the road/ flight etc. (Good side is that you'll always drive slowly. Lol)

This was the way I did it. (No plastic packing nuts or bubble wraps)

The zip lock bags did a good job. No paint scratches here. So here it is safe and sound after 300km ride.

28 May 2013

GWC1.0 entries

GWC1.0 commence!

and so it begins...
hereby announce that GWC1.0 commences! and no more entries will be accepted.

Lets get onto the entries,

14 May 2013

Gunpla Weathering Contest 1.0 - Are you weathered?!

To celebrating Gundam Beginner's 100k blog views, I'm holding my very own contest!
Welcome, to...

Gunpla Weathering Contest 1.0! (GWC1.0)


1. A follower of Gundam Beginner's blog/ Facebook page.
2. Bandai Gunpla model kits - Any range e.g. NG / SD / HG / MG / RG / PG 
  • Resin conversions for Bandai Gunpla kits are allowed.
  • Full resin kits are not allowed.
  • Modifications are allowed.
  • Painting is not a must.
  • Waterslides decals are allowed.

3. Every entry must send an email with a photo of the kit (or new parts in box) with a handwritten paper of date, name(or nickname of FB so I may blog your entries and WIPs in my blog) and GWC1.0 on it, by 27th May 2013 *updated
  • Email to with "GWC1.0 entry" email title.
  • Kits can be snap fitted but no changes maybe done in the photo.
  • Resin conversions can be cleaned, sanded, etc. but not started with any paints.
  • Entry photos are used to verify that the project was not started before this blog post is posted.
  • If in any doubt, send the photo with "GWC1.0 enquiry" email title.
  • on 28th May 2013, successful entries will be blogged here.
4. Entry kits must be a weathered kit: (you only need to achieve one)
  • Seasoned or otherwise affected by exposure to the weather.
  • Battle damaged
  • Dioramas
5. Contest will run until 12th July 2013. Winners will be nominated 19th July 2013. *update
  • You can enter more than one kit.
6. For dioramas builders,
  • Base, scenes are not within judging criteria.
  • Each kits are counted as separate entries, Rule no.3 applies, enter contest separately.
7. Please do email me at least 3 WIPs photos(with or without descriptions) during contest period so I can blog it. Let us know what you are doing! *update

8. Have Fun!

Judging Criteria:

Each criteria weighs 20% and adds up to 100% in total
  1. Nub removal
  2. Seam line treatment
  3. Weathering scale awareness (remember your model's scale)
  4. Weatheirng techniques
  5. Overall appeal




1st - MG Jesta
2nd - RG Destiny
3rd - HG FA Unicorn
Lupe's pick - HG Banshee Norn.

(prizes are proudly sponsored by Syd, Lupes)
*includes shipping to worldwide; but not tax.*
Are you weathered?!

12 Apr 2013

MG Exia vs MB Exia

The stage is set, who will walk away victorious?

Yup, here you are side by side comparison.
MG Exia (left) vs Metail Build Exia (right)

5 Apr 2013

GB blog is 1 year old now + MB Exia

This blog is one year old now. I didn't even notice that until now!
It was 03/04/2012 when I first posted my PG Aile Strike to kick start this blog.

Mean while, Metail Build Exia arrived my doorstep! Mate, I need to stop buying stuff...

The box is quite simple.. almost like an MG gunpla manual book. almost...
open it up though, this is where the magic begins..

3 Apr 2013

There and back again

Howdy my fellow blog viewers,

I know its been a while, but here I am after series of drastic activities occurred...

  • Went back to my hometown for a long year end holidays;
  • Got a job offer ( and started working );
  • Moved to a whole new city:

Alright, no one here will be interested to know my life activities, I'm sure this blog is for those who interested in Gunpla related materials.

Last month, Syd a.k.a Gaijin Gunpla organised a "design me a logo contest" via Facebook, to celebrate 1000 Facebook likes. (Congratulations! Syd) and so I entered a humble design just to congratulate.

I wanted to create a logo that has a hint of GG in it. Just to make a gaijin-gunpla hint.
It all began with a sketch.

24 Jan 2013

General News Update 9

Big news!! I'm actually very keen on this release.

MG 1/100 Jesta (Release Date: April 2013, Price: 4,200 yen)

Its only a CAD 3D image for now, we'll see how the actually prototype look like. Good thing I waited for this MG release, I was tempted to get this for my first ever HG last year...

So, what else can we expect for the later release?

MG 1/100 Sinanju [OVA/Anime Ver.]  (Release Date: Mar 2013, Price: 7500 yen)


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