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28 May 2013

GWC1.0 entries

GWC1.0 commence!

and so it begins...
hereby announce that GWC1.0 commences! and no more entries will be accepted.

Lets get onto the entries,

Entry no. 1: Brian (BRC) - HG MS-05B Zaku I

Alright, of course we have zaku! but wait, one more zaku.... Check out his blog!

Entry no.2 : Chris Kubaska - HG MSM-03 Gogg

Entry no.3 : Chris Lee a.k.a. Major Li Reedtarded -  HG GN-001 Exia (R1)

Contest is running on a tight schedule, and no slack for Chris. He is chopping down right side of Exia's face immediately! Bring on the terminator!

 Entry no.4 : Dan a.k.a. Goodguydan - MG MS-06J Zaku II 2.0

Clash of the ZAKUs! Dan is pumping some adrenaline here too!, head on to his blog to see his swiftness. That Zaku got beat up so badly..

Entry no.5 : Fransiska - SD Strike Freedom

Entry no.6 : Fred a.k.a. Oysterham - MG RGM-79 GM 2.0

We have a few clashes here, GM will soon have his rival

Entry no.7 : Fury-s12 - SD Delta Plus

Fury snap fitted the kit 2 days before the contest announced, click here to follow his forum thread!
and yes Fury, coffee is required!

Entry no.8 : Joelom - MG RX78-2 ver.ka

Joelom has just started his blog! be sure to check him out!

Entry no.9 : Justinius - MG Ez8

Justinius can be found here in his blog, now Justinius won't take this Ez8, easy.

Entry no.10 : Chan Kang Hsin - HG MS-06 Zaku the ground war set

Zaku again! we have 3 zakus now. Chan is entering with a ground war set! looks prepared to do some diorama with that anti-MS tank

Entry no.11 : Michael Spadaro  - MG Gundam Wing Zero Custom

Entry no.12 : Mike HG Ez8

Its another clash! there are two Ez8s here in the contest! Some rival battle here.

Entry no.13 : Tristan - MG G Gundam!

Entry no.14 : Xelnoex - MG Launcher/Sword Strike

Entry no.15 : John Sew - HG Nemo [unicorn version]

the final clash of the contest. GM! Head over to his blog!

Entry no.16 : Black Lotus - HG Ez8.

The last entrant received right before midnight, The third Ez8 in the contest!

------------------- If you have a blog and would like me to link, let me know---------------------

Final submission requirement:

- All entrants must submit no more than 8 photos of the finished kit
   e.g.:overall, weathered details, etc.   (NO pictures within picture!)
- Max 15mb total size. (re-size your photos)
- Before 11.59pm 12th July 2013 (Melbourne - Australia time)
- Email to with title "GWC1.0 Your Name"

May the best weathering master win!


  1. Thanks for hosting this, and good luck to everyone! :)

    1. You're welcome Justinius! Thanks for joining us!

  2. Oh, my blog is:

    Do the WIP pics count toward the 8-photo-limit?

    Many Thanks for hosting!

    1. No, 8 photos are for final submissions. Your final product for the judges.

  3. thinking of something crazy at the moment. went to becks and bought some kits hope everything went ok. Injured at the moment and cant really sit down much (lower back) so see if can finish. look at some of the blogs and you guys almost finished!!!! thts quick I didn't even finish my frame!!!??@#$%^

    Anyway all the best to all the contestants and hello my name is Alex(Xelnoex).

    1. Relax mate, one month to go.. you have time~

  4. Major Li Reedtarded29 May 2013 at 01:05

    Goodluck have fun guys. Looking forward to seeing all your works o.o/

    1. Yup! looking forward for all the potentials!

  5. Awesome! thank you Gundam Beginner for having the contest. Good luck to all participants. And by the way here is my blog for my updates

    1. You're welcome jokster~ Welcome to the contest.
      Added your blog link

  6. the only lady in the house perhaps :D



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