Google+ Gundam Beginner: August 2012
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31 Aug 2012

I've got a package 2

A bit of a surprise.. I'll put a full image post of this..
Guess where I got this from?

RG Strike Trinity WIP5.5

Tiny update again,
2nd coat of weathering(sand) done!
*having trouble choosing which photos to post again..

29 Aug 2012

RG Strike Trinity WIP5

Alright, after few hours of hideous Waterslide process,
here is what I got so far for RG Strike Trinity..

23 Aug 2012

I've got a package 1

Something arrived on my doorstep today..

and These are what i'll be using for my RG Strike Trinity build

  1. MSG Deser Chain Base 01
  2. Tamiya weathering master set A
  3. Tamiya Weathering Master Set C
  4. Real Touch Marker Set 1
  5. Real Touch Marker Set 2
  6. Gundam Marker Weathering Set (set of 6)
  7. Tamiya weathering stick - Sand
So, lets have a look on the MSG Diorama Chain Base 01

General News Update 1

Now, I woke up today... and I saw these.
I Must share it!

So, we got MG Unicorn ver. ka, MG Sinanju ver. ka, now MG Nu ver. ka....
You guys should know what's coming out next!

believe it or not, Its gonna be an EVOLVE Nu Ver.ka

Its funny that its just last night, my housemate wanted this in MG and I said there's only HG at the moment.. now, he's gonna be happy!

note: all images from Gundam Guy

22 Aug 2012

RG Strike Trinity WIP3

Hey guys~

caught up with life lately, haven't been able to update this Build off.
Appasionata and Goodguydan have almost done all of their RG Strike !!

but here is where I'm at at the moment. assembled, with inner frames pick and painted

15 Aug 2012

00 Raiser Printed Tee!

As requested, 00 Raiser's Tee...

00 Raiser- ver 1 [Front only] : 
AUD 30 (exclude Shipping)

email me to find out shipping cost!

00 Raiser- ver 2
Front and back : AUD 40 (exclude Shipping)
or Front only : AUD 30 (exclude shipping)

email me to find out shipping cost!

00 Raiser- ver 3
Front and back : AUD 340 (exclude Shipping)
or Front only : AUD 30 (exclude shipping)

email me to find out shipping cost!

14 Aug 2012

RG Strike Trinity WIP2

Yup, RG Strike's main body is assembled..
now.. off to the Launcher unit!

- Panel lined
- Spray painted Gun-metal / Light Gun-metal in a few parts of the inner frame

Let the photos do the talking..

6 Aug 2012

RG Strike Trinity WIP1

I wouldn't call it a full WIP1.. Its a small update on my slow paced build off.
Goodguydan has all the inner-frames done, he is very fast!!!

ok, been busy, but here is the update

4 Aug 2012

Exia Hoodie?

Hoodie is POSSIBLE!
More designs will be out soon!

AUD 45 / hoodie

Email me for shipping quote!


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