Google+ Gundam Beginner: April 2012
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29 Apr 2012

MG Qan[T] Designer's decal.

I've finally found the missing spirit of Gundam Qan[T]!
no wonder why it looked so empty in the last post.

28 Apr 2012

MG Qan[T] WIP continues

I've done all the shading and I'm loving every bit of this MG Qan[T]!

started to play around with it. hah

27 Apr 2012

MG Qan[T] half shading!

Just an update showing difference between:
Shaded [left] and non shaded [right].

Shaded after waterslide decals so that the decals get shaded too!

26 Apr 2012

MG Qan[T] shading~

Update on MG Gundam Qan[T] WIP 6? 7?

ok, one flat topcoat after waterslides, now its time for shading!

I've only shaded the right armor piece.. =/
so what do you guys think ? more shades?


25 Apr 2012

MG Qan[T] - decals on

Here it is! Finally smacked on the waterslide decals!
- I followed the decal guide on all default positions...

It looks good, but.. WOT! I only used 10% of the waterslides sheet? o.0

22 Apr 2012

MG Qan[T] ready for waterslide decal

Been a bit busy lately,
Here's the lazy MG Gundam Qan[T] panel lined and partially shaded!

So far the shadings are around the panel lines.. Tamiya's weathering sets will do the edge shadings..
But after........

18 Apr 2012

MG Qan[T] WIP 4

Ok, I'm pretty sure it can hold the shield and bits.
the spray paints increased the friction a lot on the hip ball joint.

16 Apr 2012

MG Qan[T] weight issue?

WIP no.3!
Hi Guys, I've finished the main body of MG Gundam Qan[T]!!
As I knew this kit will have weight issues.. but check this out after spraying on waist joint!

15 Apr 2012

MG Qan[T] - no legs yet

A bit busy lately..  here is the MG Gundam Qan[T] with the arms done..
and I'm loving it already..

Especially the asymmetrical!

11 Apr 2012

MG Qan[T] is slow...

Hello everybody,
I know I'm a bit slow, but here you go, my first ever WIP post!

Torso is very fun to build! well, its identical with 00 Raiser.

6 Apr 2012

So what's next? MG Qan[T]?

Got few kits un-built waiting me on my shelves.
And I've been choosing between RG Strike Rouge or this one....

Bandai Gundam MG Qan[T]...

And....  of course, GN Sword IV Full Saber!

So? Is this a good choice compare to RG Strike Rouge and PG Astray (as everyone had already seen them anyway)

5 Apr 2012

3 Apr 2012

PG Aile Strike

Hello everyone!
Here are some pictures on Bandai 's Gundam PG GAT-X105 Strike Gundam that I finished last year.

I touched this kit up with Tamiya Weathering Master C Set, panel lines and flat topcoat-ed.
As you probably can pick up, I picked and spray painted the grey inner frame parts with Gun metal and Light Gun Metal to create a more complex visual taste. (some are left original colours, make it a total of 3 different colours)

Also added some mechanical details in the inner frame. (u don't always see them though) =/
I always wanted to see this pose right after i finished this kit. =D

1 Apr 2012

Stay Tuned!

Welcome to my new blog!

I'm just another Gunpla beginner picked up some skills over the internet.
I'll share them all here!

Stay tuned~


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