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28 Apr 2012

MG Qan[T] WIP continues

I've done all the shading and I'm loving every bit of this MG Qan[T]!

started to play around with it. hah

Time to finish it up?


  1. Hi Gundam Beginner (oddly enough, i am a begunner too),

    a quick question, now that you have finished with all there 00 Raiser, Exia and Qan[T], which one you think is the best? Need your opinion on this next project of mine.

    Btw, awesome shading and weathering! And love the PG Strike.

    1. Hi, Anonymous (ok this sounds really odd, LOL)

      I enjoyed all three of them, but if you ask me,
      I would rank them (in order) 00 Raiser > Exia > Qan[T]

      reason being, MG 00 Raiser fix every proportion problem in the PG (i.e. skirt armor)
      and the "Wings" can spread and stay where you wanted them. PG cannot do that.
      - the only problem is back heavy, A topcoat will fix the problem like my MG Qan[T]

      Exia has Repair mode! I love weathering, so ignition mode rox! makes battle damage easier. and it looks awesome too!
      but, Exia's weak ankles made it barely stand up. An action base solve it. also, Exia only look good in certain angle. From the front, it looks........ hmm. not bad but. seriously 00 Raiser and Qan[T] looks good every angle.

      Qan[T] is very fun to build, but its almost same with 00 raiser, not a big change in the design. but the fact that it is asymmetrical. I'm loving it!
      (it has side heavy, but topcoat fixed it. my Qan[T] stands like the shield ain't there.)

    2. ah.. and also, my Qan[T] is far from finish... stay tuned!

  2. Owh. Now i really am in HUGE dilemma. I like Exia a lot (fell in love since the first episode of Gundam 00) and with the ignition mode, gonna get the chrome and the red eye, im SOLD!! But i like the 0 Gundam too, without the 0 Raiser. Guess i have to squeeze some money to buy both. =D Im not to fond on the MG Qan[T] tho (although its the strongest of all three).

    Your PG Strike is really awesome tho. I mean, i really love how it turns out. I have seen a lot of PG Strike (even with more awesome custom color scheme and painting technique), but yours is so far the best. The modesty of your PG Strike, yet with such level of details on the inner frame that emerging from such cool poses. Keep up the good work. You inspire me and now i am waiting for my PG Striker to be delivered in 2 days time.

    p/s: I dont have the blog yet, but will do one soon once i started this summer. =)

    1. Yea, I understand your Exia love. It was my first ever Gunpla! the ignition mode. If you really don't like the 0 raiser behind 00, just go for Exia. I never wanted Qan[T] to be honest, I bought it just because I saw the Full Saber IV available in Ebay. hah! ;]

      thank you for the compliment on PG Aile Strike. It is by far my most satisfied built kit. It took me one month to finish it.



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