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26 Apr 2012

MG Qan[T] shading~

Update on MG Gundam Qan[T] WIP 6? 7?

ok, one flat topcoat after waterslides, now its time for shading!

I've only shaded the right armor piece.. =/
so what do you guys think ? more shades?



  1. I take it the polishing compounds didn't work? Nice shading you have.

    I'm not trying to take the shading effect away from your Qan[T], but sense it was in space, there should be no weathering. Again, not ranting about your build. It is YOUR build after all. It's very clean and sharp. It's coming together nicely.

    1. I couldn't find the compound in local store, I'll try it one day when I get it from Ebay.
      they are quite cheap online.

      well, battle in space can still do some explosion and some tear/wear. I leave the silver dry brush to be minimal 1st.. and see how it goes.. =D



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