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23 Sep 2012

Gundam Converge - Sinanju

FW Gundam Converge SP02 - Sinanju!

My friend bought this just for the Unicorn. Since he has the Sinanju from previous Converge, he decided to give it to me for free. How bout that!

Original straight out of the box photo review.


22 Sep 2012

RG Strike Trinity build-off Finale

Alright.. it all comes to an end. This is my final RG Launcher Strike for the build off.
If you haven't already, check out GoodGuyDan for his RG Sword Strike and Appasionata's RG Aile Strike!

* Update : Syd from GaijinGunpla is kind enough to bring a sum up for our build off!! head to his blog for the awesome blog post about our build off.

A little information :

It is my first attempt on filter, rust/sand weathering, and even diorama! I have to say it is a bit of an experiment here and there.

I did think about the battle scene in desert should have "sand chipped" weathering. Also rain will cause rust and watermarks with gravity pull direction in panel lines. so I give it a slight real touch marker filter on it.

Let the photos session begin~

19 Sep 2012

Great Gunpla 2

MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam - Diorama Build

I'm very into weathered Gunpla lately. they just seems very appealing.. I came across this post and the diorama build is just gorgeous. Well, what can I say? Compare to my recent RG Launcher Strike, mine looks kids' toy. = (

9 Sep 2012

General News Update 4

MG AGE-2 just came out lately!


I thought MG AGE-2 is not my taste, but then I saw this...


Are you not tempted?!! just look at the white.

Source from GundamGuy

RG Strike Trinity WIP7

The weathering is done! Only Topcoat left now..
I'll do a final post for the Build off tomorrow.. as for now, Enjoy~

Again, lots of similar poses. hope you guys don't mind. =D

7 Sep 2012

RG Strike Trinity WIP6

Caught up with life.. having less and less time for Gunpla.
Finally WIP6 is up! well, nothing much.. just finished the diorama base and waterslide decal-ed the Launcher pack. that's about it for this post..


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