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23 Sep 2012

Gundam Converge - Sinanju

FW Gundam Converge SP02 - Sinanju!

My friend bought this just for the Unicorn. Since he has the Sinanju from previous Converge, he decided to give it to me for free. How bout that!

Original straight out of the box photo review.


This FW Gundam Converge SP02 - Sinanju looks awesome in its small scale. This is my 2nd Gundam Converge kit (the first Nu Gundam Converge also a gift) and I like the Sinanju 10 times more. Just look how shinny it is! awesome.

Tell me what you think?

Next, I'll continue doing the RG Skygrasper. Ciao~


  1. you're lucky to have this for free! hehe
    anyway, this looks nicely painted and I like the gloss finish on it.

    1. Oh yes, This Sinanju Converge is very nicely painted. Almost flawless~
      the details are amazing in this 6cm tall figure. (well 7cm if you count the fin)
      IMO, the gloss fits best in Sinanju.



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