Google+ Gundam Beginner: April 2013
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12 Apr 2013

MG Exia vs MB Exia

The stage is set, who will walk away victorious?

Yup, here you are side by side comparison.
MG Exia (left) vs Metail Build Exia (right)

5 Apr 2013

GB blog is 1 year old now + MB Exia

This blog is one year old now. I didn't even notice that until now!
It was 03/04/2012 when I first posted my PG Aile Strike to kick start this blog.

Mean while, Metail Build Exia arrived my doorstep! Mate, I need to stop buying stuff...

The box is quite simple.. almost like an MG gunpla manual book. almost...
open it up though, this is where the magic begins..

3 Apr 2013

There and back again

Howdy my fellow blog viewers,

I know its been a while, but here I am after series of drastic activities occurred...

  • Went back to my hometown for a long year end holidays;
  • Got a job offer ( and started working );
  • Moved to a whole new city:

Alright, no one here will be interested to know my life activities, I'm sure this blog is for those who interested in Gunpla related materials.

Last month, Syd a.k.a Gaijin Gunpla organised a "design me a logo contest" via Facebook, to celebrate 1000 Facebook likes. (Congratulations! Syd) and so I entered a humble design just to congratulate.

I wanted to create a logo that has a hint of GG in it. Just to make a gaijin-gunpla hint.
It all began with a sketch.


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