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5 Apr 2013

GB blog is 1 year old now + MB Exia

This blog is one year old now. I didn't even notice that until now!
It was 03/04/2012 when I first posted my PG Aile Strike to kick start this blog.

Mean while, Metail Build Exia arrived my doorstep! Mate, I need to stop buying stuff...

The box is quite simple.. almost like an MG gunpla manual book. almost...
open it up though, this is where the magic begins..
Let the pictures do the talking, everything is self explanatory.

I notice everything has double protection...

As soon as I picked up the Exia.. The weight surprised me. It sure is heavy, Too bad I don't have a weighing scale.

Details everywhere...

Not sure if the photo is clear enough, but it is very 3 Dimensional.

Everyone loves this pose...

Ok, I'm not going to pose any default advertised pose by Bandai, you can find it everywhere. I'm posing it randomly for now.

Light summary:
- 99% similar with MG Exia's articulation.
- GN Sword 1 has metallic grey blade.
- GN sword 2 and 3 have white blades, not chrome.
- 5 pairs of inter-changeable fixed pose hands.
- Matte finshed armor with Chrome metal inner-frame. (Fantastic)
- Because of the weight and strong ankles, this Metail Build Exia can do poses that MG could not.

That's it for now, I'll post more about this build and compare it with MG Exia. (get it from my old room)
stay tuned for a proper comparison post.

Till then, Ciao~

p/s: if you want it, better buy it now... before it gets expensive like Metal Build 00 seven sword .


  1. Congratulations on making it one year! My blog will also turn 1 on 4/26!

    1. Thanks Dan! Our blogs started on almost the same time? Wow, but yours are way more successful.

  2. Yay, you're back and congratulations on making your blog one year old, and also the details on the exia is amazing.

    1. Thanks! and yeah, the Metal Build Exia has fantastic details, I cannot take my eyes off it. I actually pre-ordered the new Metal Build 00 Raiser which is coming out August.



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