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3 Apr 2013

There and back again

Howdy my fellow blog viewers,

I know its been a while, but here I am after series of drastic activities occurred...

  • Went back to my hometown for a long year end holidays;
  • Got a job offer ( and started working );
  • Moved to a whole new city:

Alright, no one here will be interested to know my life activities, I'm sure this blog is for those who interested in Gunpla related materials.

Last month, Syd a.k.a Gaijin Gunpla organised a "design me a logo contest" via Facebook, to celebrate 1000 Facebook likes. (Congratulations! Syd) and so I entered a humble design just to congratulate.

I wanted to create a logo that has a hint of GG in it. Just to make a gaijin-gunpla hint.
It all began with a sketch.

Yup, Syd likes the font, And I agree.. it looks awesome under black background. and Since he used the font when he started the blog, the font should be kept.

the final entry.. Black background with Syd's font. I added a little shine to the eye.
I'm glad that Syd likes it and nominates me the winner! I really didn't expect that, my entry was simple compared to other awesome entries. Everyone done a great job.

The prize? is here, arrived sweet and sound as always. HobbyLink Japan is the sponsor for this special event. big thanks for them! 99% of my Gunpla models and tools came from HLJ.

MG Sinanju Stein Ver. Ka!

Fantastic prize. I always wanted this (not to mention my big pile of backlogs) but seriously, who won't want this? Many reviews mentioned that the design doesn't look like EFSF design, especially the organic head. But I think it looks ok, since both EFSF and Zeon share the same system in military technology, it does make sense since the Stein is a prototype.

Speaking of,

Yup, awesome! I need to build them.. (hmm.. weathered? clean? any comments?)

Argh, half of my backlogs moved to my new room. more to come next week. I need more space?
More builds soon~

(a secret package is sent to Syd...)

P/S: Thanks to Syd a.ka. Gaijin-Gunpla and HobbyLink Japan for this fantastic event!


  1. Congratulations GB (both on the new job and the logo)! You definitely deserve that kit!

    1. Thanks, Dan! Although it means I have less time for Gunpla, but I'm keen for another great group build off with you and appa sometime in future.



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