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12 Apr 2013

MG Exia vs MB Exia

The stage is set, who will walk away victorious?

Yup, here you are side by side comparison.
MG Exia (left) vs Metail Build Exia (right)

Some random poses...

Proportion (when compared to MG)

Head        - GN strips a little thinner.
Torso       - smaller body, thinner pilot hatch and + vents makes the Green GN globe bigger in proportion.
Shoulders - smaller, sleeker
Arms        - some minor colour difference; smaller hands
Hip           - smaller skirts,
Thighs       - larger GN strips and longer in proportion.
Knee caps - added depths/ panel lines. overall sleeker knee caps
lower legs  - shorter ;
Feet           - ~ 40% smaller.

Tamashii made a lot of changes on the proportion, I think Metal Build made MG looks out of date.

Articulations (when compared to MG)

Head         - 2 joints movement (improved down-look)
Torso        - no side to side vertical rotation around the GN drive. But bends a lot better front to back
Arms         - identical only with swapping hands
Hip            - no internal rotation for legs (but compensate with smaller skirts)
Legs          - identical
ANKLES  - you gonna love this... very strong.

You will miss the torso side rotation on MG sometimes, But the ankles are one hell of an improvement.

Colour (when compared to MG)

White    - a hint of blue (cold white for graphic designers)
Yellow  - orange yellow
Blue      - a hint of purple
Red      - identical

Strong and vibrant colours

Till then, Ciao~
p/s: if you want it, better buy it now... before it gets expensive like Metal Build 00 seven sword .

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