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28 May 2013

GWC1.0 entries

GWC1.0 commence!

and so it begins...
hereby announce that GWC1.0 commences! and no more entries will be accepted.

Lets get onto the entries,

14 May 2013

Gunpla Weathering Contest 1.0 - Are you weathered?!

To celebrating Gundam Beginner's 100k blog views, I'm holding my very own contest!
Welcome, to...

Gunpla Weathering Contest 1.0! (GWC1.0)


1. A follower of Gundam Beginner's blog/ Facebook page.
2. Bandai Gunpla model kits - Any range e.g. NG / SD / HG / MG / RG / PG 
  • Resin conversions for Bandai Gunpla kits are allowed.
  • Full resin kits are not allowed.
  • Modifications are allowed.
  • Painting is not a must.
  • Waterslides decals are allowed.

3. Every entry must send an email with a photo of the kit (or new parts in box) with a handwritten paper of date, name(or nickname of FB so I may blog your entries and WIPs in my blog) and GWC1.0 on it, by 27th May 2013 *updated
  • Email to with "GWC1.0 entry" email title.
  • Kits can be snap fitted but no changes maybe done in the photo.
  • Resin conversions can be cleaned, sanded, etc. but not started with any paints.
  • Entry photos are used to verify that the project was not started before this blog post is posted.
  • If in any doubt, send the photo with "GWC1.0 enquiry" email title.
  • on 28th May 2013, successful entries will be blogged here.
4. Entry kits must be a weathered kit: (you only need to achieve one)
  • Seasoned or otherwise affected by exposure to the weather.
  • Battle damaged
  • Dioramas
5. Contest will run until 12th July 2013. Winners will be nominated 19th July 2013. *update
  • You can enter more than one kit.
6. For dioramas builders,
  • Base, scenes are not within judging criteria.
  • Each kits are counted as separate entries, Rule no.3 applies, enter contest separately.
7. Please do email me at least 3 WIPs photos(with or without descriptions) during contest period so I can blog it. Let us know what you are doing! *update

8. Have Fun!

Judging Criteria:

Each criteria weighs 20% and adds up to 100% in total
  1. Nub removal
  2. Seam line treatment
  3. Weathering scale awareness (remember your model's scale)
  4. Weatheirng techniques
  5. Overall appeal




1st - MG Jesta
2nd - RG Destiny
3rd - HG FA Unicorn
Lupe's pick - HG Banshee Norn.

(prizes are proudly sponsored by Syd, Lupes)
*includes shipping to worldwide; but not tax.*
Are you weathered?!


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