Google+ Gundam Beginner: May 2012
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30 May 2012

Aile + Launcher Strike sketch

Ok,  added Aile Strike to the background.. a sword strike left.. then this Strike Trinity Fan Art will be completed

Launcher Strike sketch..

oh yea, Gundam Launcher Strike! hand sketched by me..
lol? may be I can start a fan art section in my blog..

p/s: any guess on which Gundam sketch is coming up?

29 May 2012

Gundam UC ACE vol.4

Gundam UC ACE vol. 4! with MG Sinanju bazooka

That's right.. my backlog is getting bigger and bigger.I really should stop buying kits and start building it.But I cannot let this accessory pass away! (again)

Got this from If you haven't checked on them..they are AWESOME! they can get most of the Limited Edition gunplas in Japan!the shipping rates are very reasonable too.

Here it is, the box is just made out of normal cardboard box. Not as fancy as the previous Bazooka box.

26 May 2012

RG Freedom decal is 80% done

phew~ for those of you wanted to waterslide up an RG Gundam.
make sure you have tons of free time back in you pocket.

I haven't detail up the dilemma silver parts I posted last few days ago.
ended up decaling up the main body first.

Although it is 80% done, RG Gundam Freedom Gundam already look AWESOME!

24 May 2012

New blog from a friend

It was a fun looking at my friend's newly started blog.
there's only one post at the moment. But I'm sure he's baking something up.

I never know Speed Grades looks this good..

23 May 2012

RG Freedom decision making

ok, the wings are done...

So this is the decision making part.. waterslide decal / original foil stickers / hand paint chrome silver. hmm~

For more images

16 May 2012

RG Freedom WIP2

Update for RG Gundam Freedom!

Got the waterslide decals from samueldecal! and I can really say. Its Awesome as always.
but there's one thing.. the chrome silver and grey stickers are the same here in waterslides.

nonetheless, done the riffle and shield first..

 Added a little bit of gold details. kinna like it...

13 May 2012

Next...... is? RG Freedom!

I said in last few post that I'd do PG Gundam 00 Raiser for my next project..
well, I got a bit reluctant to do that massive beast.

So this is what I'll be doing in between!.
A Tiny Little RG Gundam Freedom

Some thing is brewing.....~ =D

8 May 2012

Lets pose MG Qan[T]

Now that its officially completed,
 Lets pose the MG Gundam GNT-0000 00 QAN[T]+ Full Saber IV shall we?

some images could be similar (I couldn't decide which..)

7 May 2012

MG Qan[T] Completed!

so after some dry brushing and topcoating,.. here it is!
MG Gundam Qan[T] + Full Saber IV.

Pardon my 1st time dry brushing!
special thanks to Syd from Gaijin Gunpla providing some tips on drybrushing through Facebook page.

2 May 2012

MG Qan[T]'s Full Saber IV update

Final Decal update for Full Saber IV.
Again~ The decals makes it look awesome!

* Added some slash scratches beside the blade.. I think I really should dry brush.


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