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26 May 2012

RG Freedom decal is 80% done

phew~ for those of you wanted to waterslide up an RG Gundam.
make sure you have tons of free time back in you pocket.

I haven't detail up the dilemma silver parts I posted last few days ago.
ended up decaling up the main body first.

Although it is 80% done, RG Gundam Freedom Gundam already look AWESOME!

ok, only the sides or torso/skirt/and legs left to go....


  1. Looks very good, though I'm not a fan of those ET markings.

    Can you post a picture showing how those chrome bits truned out?

    1. Thanks, well. ET looks ok for me. the Zaft's decal will have to go with RG Justice. haha

      yes, I'll be finishing it up when I find the time. I ended up using the waterslides.
      works great~!

    2. hi, it's a great kit... I presume you ordered the decals from samueldecal?

      I think it'd be better to do the detailings with chrome silver (hand brush), and panel line the dark blue parts with silver panel line wash... I've seen a PG SF kit panel lined with gold leaf, and it looks great.

    3. yes of course, its from samueldecal.

      hmmm~ This project is on hold for the moment. I'm focusing on my PG Astray for competition entry. but yea, I've seen the gold panel lined PGSF before on the net. but then I think the wings are complicated enough. adding another layer of silver panel details will ruin the overall effect.

      well, that's just my opinion. =D

      as for the silver detail part, Yup, I'll do a test hand paint on some extra parts and see how it goes.

  2. hey GB love your works! im just about to start the same kit. Not shore if i should hit it with some clear coat or leave it stock.
    have you gone over your freedom with coats of anything, and what are you using for your panel lines?


    1. Hellow ChaosRR6, welcome to my humble blog.
      well, I would always suggest a topcoat over every Gunpla kit. Preferably Mr. hobbys' Flat Topcoat or semi-gloss. either of them takes away the toy-ish plastic reflection. leave your kit with a nice matte finish.

      This kit however, is on hold. I haven't topcoat it yet. but I will top it with a Flat.
      as for panel lines, I'm using Gundam marker fine black GM01, fine gray GM02. For narrower detail panel lines / shading, I used Real touch marker sets. they are incredible for tiny panel lines which GM01/GM02 can't even reach.

      You will enjoy this kit! its a wonderful RG kit.

  3. yeah i think i should invest in some real touch markers, thanks for the tip.
    i matt clear coated my no grade freedom and that made a huge difference.
    I was actually thinking clear gloss coating my rg freedom, im getting the idea from the box art and doing some parts in either a matt or semi gloss.
    Do you know, can i clear coat over the decals that come with the kit?


    1. Oh yes, mix use of clear coats will make it look even nicer!
      You're very welcomed! I'll help as much as I know.
      All decals canbe topcoated, no harm to them. Also remember do not use topcoat during high humid atmosphere.



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