Google+ Gundam Beginner: June 2013
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16 Jun 2013

GWC1.0 updates

GWC1.0 partial updates

Its been 20 days since our entries were announced.
Here are some updates from those who provided WIPs!

Entry no. 1: Brian (BRC) - HG MS-05B Zaku I

1 Jun 2013

Moving house?

How do you relocate your Gunpla models? 

Undoubtedly moving house is a problem for modelers. The fear or damaging models on the road/ flight etc. (Good side is that you'll always drive slowly. Lol)

This was the way I did it. (No plastic packing nuts or bubble wraps)

The zip lock bags did a good job. No paint scratches here. So here it is safe and sound after 300km ride.


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