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1 Jun 2013

Moving house?

How do you relocate your Gunpla models? 

Undoubtedly moving house is a problem for modelers. The fear or damaging models on the road/ flight etc. (Good side is that you'll always drive slowly. Lol)

This was the way I did it. (No plastic packing nuts or bubble wraps)

The zip lock bags did a good job. No paint scratches here. So here it is safe and sound after 300km ride.

Some poses, can't resist can you?

A lot of readers asked me how to get MG Qan[T] to hold that massive full saber IV. I think this is a good opportunity for a close up pic. If you see closer, the Full saber IV is actually supported by the blue armor behind!

It does seem quite secure.

Yup joining the big family., More to come.. Welcome to the new house.

1 comment:

  1. When I moved I did pretty much the same thing, but I wrapped the ziplocs in bubble wrap. I moved in march and still have tons of gunpla and figures left in big cardboard boxes.



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