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31 Jul 2012

Exia & Strike Trinity tee prototypes review

A while ago, I had a crazy idea to make a few tee for myself.. with my sketches of Gundam!
I posted these in my facebook page..

I woke up this morning with these prototypes arrived on my doorstep!
As promised, I will review the quality of the prototype..

27 Jul 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] - Photo final pick

Ok, so there you have it.. PG Astray [Red Frame] Final pick on studio photos!
I want to thank everyone for giving me input on picking the final 8!

so here you go.. all extra large images!

26 Jul 2012

Next RG - ZETA?!

oh wow! looking at Gundam Guy's post,
it looks like the next RG will be ZETA!!!!


Yup, its already in my next shopping list.
You know I fancy RG line, don't you?

may be a sketched design Tee to celebrate this?

25 Jul 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] Photo Shortlisted

 Alright, After few hours of Newbie PG Astray [Red Frame] photo taking,

here I am shortlisted 36 out of 121 shots.

But, the problem is... I need to get 8 out of this shortlist for the competition!
Anyone kind enough to help me out?

* if you want to be inspired by how to pose Gunpla. Check this out!
Lightning Ace's Gundams - This dude poses some cool poses! *

List the numbers below on the comments.. Really appreciate if you would help out.

                   1                                                                   2

24 Jul 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] - First time in Studio!

I'm playing around with the final 8 photographs to be submitted for the competition

PG Astray [Red Frame] is in my first ever mini studio!

ok. not bad for first timer.. I'll update more photographs after dinner.
For now.. ciao~

20 Jul 2012

17 Jul 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] WIP9

PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame] Shaded!
someone asked about how to use Tamiya Weathering Master C Set for post-shading..
well here it is, Its not a full tutorial. But this is how I do it.

I noticed that different surface gives different results for this thing.
Gloss : a minimum shaded effect. (e.g. PG Aile Strike)
Matte : heavy weathered, battle damage effect.(e.g.: MG Qan[T])

So choose what finish you want your kit to look like, and BRUSH it on!


It looks almost like Air-brushed pre-shading.. almost.

14 Jul 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] WIP8

After a few days of decals hustle, and here it is!
PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame]is finally DONE with decals!

Tons of decals, really need a good patience to decal up a PG.

8 Jul 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] WIP7

Ok, Back from camp! Back with a body full of muscle sores.
More over, I went to blood donation today! which made me even more tired.

Ok, back to Gunpla. PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame]WIP7!
Its time for waterslides decals. (this could be a simplified waterslide tutorial?)

1 Jul 2012

RG Strike Trinity commencing

Hey guys, its July and here is a simple update post!
I'd like to welcome you to follow my blog on...

GoodGuyDan, Appasionata and myself Gundam Beginner are going to engage in a three-way international build-off involving three different RG Strike Suits! Why international?! Goodguydan is from USA, Appasionata is from Malaysia, and I'm from Australia!

Details :
GoodGuyDan         : RG Sword Strike
Gundam Beginner  : RG Launcher Strike
Appasionata           : RG Aile Strike

PG Astray [Red Frame] WIP6

Alright... now that the Katana(s) are done.
Lets see how the PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame] proportion looks..

I just can't help it. I began posing around with the katanas once they are done...
Can't even wait after panel lining..


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