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8 Jul 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] WIP7

Ok, Back from camp! Back with a body full of muscle sores.
More over, I went to blood donation today! which made me even more tired.

Ok, back to Gunpla. PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame]WIP7!
Its time for waterslides decals. (this could be a simplified waterslide tutorial?)

 Step 1: use a hobby knife, cut the decals close without damaging it. then, engrave a line to create square space for your tweezers.

Step 2.1: dip into the water for 10 seconds.

Step 2.2: leave it there for a moment.

These are a MUST for waterslide decals.


Step 3: apply Mr Mark Setter on the spot you want to decal up.

Step 4: use a toothpick, gently press on the waterslide decal edge, and pull your tweezers (the blue base) away. (I can't take a photo as this requires both hands)

Step 5: Use the toothpick to gently push decal to desired position.

Step 6:Remove excess water with a cotton-bud. (be extra careful, gently press it vertically it will do)

Step 7: Alright, after all the troublesome steps, now apply small (tiny) amount of the Mr. Mark Softer. and leave it dry.

Yup, there you go.. This is the hardest part to decal (left armour shoulder decal)! I will never ever do this decal again. (notice three tiny gold dots inside the frame?)

Rehome01 is the best decal ever! it looks great on Astray.


  1. glad to see the quality of these decals is good, I have a set for my PG astray as well when I get around to working on it. That shoulder decal is a real pain, I both love and hate that split in the shoulder.

    only 13 parts left to paint for the main body of strike freedom! then it's time to get to work on the wings and rifles!

    1. oh yes! the quality is very good. And man, I hate oversized decal.. but, it look great now after that hour of pain.

      wow, you are a fast modeller! what a great inner frames you have there for PGSF! did you fix the wings connector?

    2. oh yea, forgot to mention, some decals are not good quality. I had to use dry transfer in some cases. =/

  2. did you buy these decals from samueldecal?

    1. yup! its from samueldecal. I must say, its not as good as the newer decals. this PG Astray's decals have some problems. I had to use dry transfer in some cases.

    2. how much was shipping?

    3. Hmm.. from the latest, it cost me USD 20 for the shipping. =/ which is quite high. so buy in bulk. that helps with some discounts

    4. what the damned! The shipping really sounds overpriced, I have a lot of questions.

      1. How long did you have to wait for the decals?

      2. How did you buy it cause the Samuel Decal website is down?

      3. How is the bulk buy discount calculated?

    5. Yup I do understand the concern of shipping cost here in Australia.

      1. it will take one week or so to get your decals from HK.

      2. I bought from Samueldecal before his site was down, I have his email. good thing is, his Facebook is still active! you can see product samples in his facebook photos. just contact him with email.

      3. You will have to contact him to ask about discounts, sometimes he gives 10% sometimes 20%, depends on the decals you ask for, some higher demands won't get too much discounts.

    6. what is his e-mail and also why are you up sooo late, go to sleep!

    7. LOL, I was just going to bed.
      here is samueldecal's facebook page :

      for inquiry , email :
      for ordering, email :

  3. Hi Expert :)
    can I ask for this red frame, those painted parts are all using air brush?
    and your red frame is very nice :)

    1. Hi there,
      They are selectively spray painted. some parts are left unpainted.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Hi there.
    How did you place the decals on the left shoulder?
    Is that a three part decals just like the stickers or just one piece?

    1. Hi,

      The left shoulder decal (from Samuel Decal) comes in one piece.

      I did it in one go with Mark setter to set it, remove excess water, and leave it for a moment for decal to half set; Then apply Mark softer on decal over to bend & break the decal carefully with hobby knife.



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