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1 Jul 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] WIP6

Alright... now that the Katana(s) are done.
Lets see how the PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame] proportion looks..

I just can't help it. I began posing around with the katanas once they are done...
Can't even wait after panel lining..

One katana looks lonely.. Two katanas look awesome!

Ok, after few days.. time to finish the panel lining...
I've used the typical panel lining pens
- Gundam Marker Black Fine Point GM01
- Gundam Marker Black Fine Point GM02
- Gundam Real Touch Marker Set 1
- Gundam Real Touch Marker Set 2

So here it is... after panel lining. Every details pop out straight away.

Hmm... need to think of hand-painting colours for those details on the arms. Any suggestions?

Those legs "look" good... Better than PG Strike's leg.

Photoshopped the green camera eye. hah! wanted to see how PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame]gonna look lighted up.

Ok, I'll be out camping for the next 5 days.. Gonna be back and finish of this beauty with waterslides
Also, There will be a Build Off RG Strike! along with 2 other fellow gunplars.

I'll post more details.

Till then... ciaoz~


  1. Looks great, GB! I'm going to have to get my Astray out after I get my SF wrapped up but the humidity here is making it hard to paint the white.

    1. Thanks! oh wow. your PGSF has awesome painted inner frames! I'm gonna feature your future finished PGSF here in my blog man. Its awesome!

      yea, its getting humid here in my end too. =/

  2. Don't the PG Red Frame's arms (and I think the legs) have a light green strip on them? Or you still have to paint those? Don't really know though, I don't own a PG Red Frame :p

  3. Yup. There are clear green parts that I haven't included in this stage. I shall wait for everything else is decaled up and topcoated.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sharp eyes! The 2nd tone of Reds are the original unpainted Red. I just thought leaving a few of them will make it look great with 2 tones of Reds

  5. Look stunning.. i just bought the daban astray red frame.. just want to experience the daban product and it my first time dealling with pg scale and havent started yet..

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Yea this PG kit is massive.. happy building!

  6. How many katana in the box.. as far that i know daban only provide 1 katana.. but for bandai i'm not too sure.. and was it metal or plastic..??

    1. Only one Katana out of box. I borrowed an extra Katana from a friend for blogging purpose..
      Its plastic coated with chrome gold and silver.



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