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1 Jul 2012

RG Strike Trinity commencing

Hey guys, its July and here is a simple update post!
I'd like to welcome you to follow my blog on...

GoodGuyDan, Appasionata and myself Gundam Beginner are going to engage in a three-way international build-off involving three different RG Strike Suits! Why international?! Goodguydan is from USA, Appasionata is from Malaysia, and I'm from Australia!

Details :
GoodGuyDan         : RG Sword Strike
Gundam Beginner  : RG Launcher Strike
Appasionata           : RG Aile Strike

Deadline : No time frame limit..
Rules      : No rules..

Pretty straightforward Build-off, no time limit, no constraints. Just a bunch of modellers who want to show the best that they can do.

Anways, this build-off will be plastered in quite a few places, here on GAF, on ML, on Reddit, and on Goodguydan's and my blogs too!

I hope you will follow and support us through this build-off, and who knows, you might learn a thing or two! (Goodguydan and Appasionata are brilliant good Gunplars!) I'm just honoured to be invited in this build off

A very honourable special guest will be our friendly build off judge!

Yup, I need to finish off my PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame]too! I'll do them side by side. 

Don't you think they look good together? (yup, PG Aile Strike has the same pose all the time)

I'll be in a camp for 4 days. Be back til then... ciaoz~

Anyone interested if the sketch is put on a Tee?
Let me know!


  1. You are really good and I learnt a lot from you. I hope you win. Aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi.

    1. Thanks for your support! Its a friendly group build though, winning isn't really important. Its having fun learning together and build great community event!

  2. Can't wait to see all three RG Strikes in action!!

    1. Yup!! I'm really excited myself. Stay tuned!

  3. I'll be following you on this build, maybe it will make me decide to go for the RG strike + packs or to do the MG + packs. Btw, I am looking arround for my next project too. Maybe let me know on my blog what I should do :P. got so many kits I want lol.

    1. Thanks for the support! In my opinion, RG Strike is better than MG. =D just personal taste.

      what sort of kits you looking on? Big massive PG?

    2. well I am still waiting for my deathscythe lol(if that takes any longer I am either getting my money back or ask if I can change it for Sandrock)

      And yeah real grade looks more and more appealing to me to get the full set of strike packs.

      And yeah my next big project will be either a PG(sadly I already built the 2 biggest PG's out there lol), I am eager to start the PG strike. But I am kinda in doubt, also want to buy an airbrush with compressor. And I have also seen that huge german cannon model(posted a pic on my blog) which is actually cheaper then getting a PG where I live(I know its kinda unbelievable)that giant cannon would probably become my biggest model ever if I decide to get it lol. I will have to see, kinda want to get the airbrush anyway and maybe a few small kits to try it out and 1 huge kit.

    3. Hmm.. Both Deathscythe and Sandrock are great kits. but I prefer Deathscythe hell, with very unique wings.

      went to see your blog, that is HUGE! you are quite a huge kit builder. as I'm building Astray, I think PG Astray / Strike worth the buy! try out the airbrush with some HG kits first. then go PG or that german canon!

    4. they are both great yeah, but as it stands now I get a date this week, and then I can decide if I change my backorder deathscythe for a in stock sandrock, already waitting 2 months for it lol.

      I think I will never build bigger than that cannon lol. And yeah, I will try airbrush on a cheaper kit, I still have a non grade 1/60 strike that I use as testsubject lol and I'll probably buy a small plane or something to test it out too. Used it shield to test the effects of the normal paint when I started the GP01. But I have so many kits I still want and have on a wishlist (and kinda hope they will release all the strike packs for the PG strike) I should win the lottery or something to get everything I want.

    5. I feel you man, I wish sword and launcher striker pack come out in PG. would be nice to have them all! Don't buy too many! you'll have a big pile of backlog like me. =/

      never got the time to finish them at all. =/ Deathscythe is good btw, show us your WIP! I don't have a Wing kit yet. would like to know more about it

    6. I dont have any kits waiting yet(although I have one waiting but that is years old and warped by now and I lost a crucial part of that for which I still should look at a way to fix it and a meter long lego model of a star wars star destroyer), wish I had a backlog(although one wouldnt really exist with me cause I am always very focussed on finishing them lol). But I have already put up pics of the MG wing gundam EW. And on that you want to see a WIP of a wing kit, you are lucky I am planning to paint all kits from now on lol. Normally in my last 2 MG's I built I just finished them in an evening.

  4. Replies
    1. As for now, I'm not really sure how much. (the more you order from printing company, the cheaper.)

      One prototype Tee will cost me ~$30. so if lots of people want to order this, I can print a bulk and get cheaper quote. as for now, no one emailed me yet. =/



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