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17 Jul 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] WIP9

PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame] Shaded!
someone asked about how to use Tamiya Weathering Master C Set for post-shading..
well here it is, Its not a full tutorial. But this is how I do it.

I noticed that different surface gives different results for this thing.
Gloss : a minimum shaded effect. (e.g. PG Aile Strike)
Matte : heavy weathered, battle damage effect.(e.g.: MG Qan[T])

So choose what finish you want your kit to look like, and BRUSH it on!


It looks almost like Air-brushed pre-shading.. almost.

Before and after,


More images,


Yup, I'm quite happy with the minor shading effect on Astray. I won't go battle damage it.
Now, I just need a SUNNY day. Please stop the rain.

playing around with camera effects,
1:1 Gundam Astray would be nice.. (diorama effect)

Grain effect? dynamic effect? argh.. not my taste.

Let me know what you think of my post-shading with Tamiya Weathering Master C Set!
Comments welcome!

Til next post, Ciao~


  1. now it looks more awesome with the weathering effect that you've applied, I mean it looks more realistic in my opinion!

    1. Thanks! I'll touch up some more before 2nd topcoat. but I'm liking every bit of it already.

  2. dear GB, hope you post a new tab for tutorial section and good job there for the astray red..

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Izlan. I'm actually thinking of doing that!

  3. You have a really cool looking kit there.

    BTW, before you apply the shading does your kit already have panel lines + decals and have been coated?

    is your step something like:
    1. panel line + decals (what do you use for panel lining)
    2. top coat
    3. post-shading
    4. another top coat

    Thanks in advance for you advise. :)

    1. Thanks for liking it Michael,
      Yup, you've guessed it all right. First topcoat to protect the panel lines and decals, then second topcoat to finish everything up..

      For the panel lines, I'm using GM01 and GM02. Grey marker for whites, and black for everything else.

    2. For the topcoats (first and second), are you using the lacquer-based type or the water-based type? i heard that if your using lacquer-based type on gundam markers (which they say are acrylic-based) will smudge your panel lines. And also, is it safe to use lacquer-based topcoat over the tamiya weather set?

      I apologize for the many questions.. :) It's just that I want to learn as much info i can gather before I touch my kits. :) I already built 2 MG kits, with all the linings and decals and wanted to do shading the same way as you do.

    3. GM01, 02 gundam markers are oil baeed, not acrylic. But yeah, if your lacquer topcoat too heavily, it will smudges the marker.

      So or may build, it's either all acrylic topcoats, or panel lines& decals > acrylic topcoat > shading/ weathering > lacquer topcoat for tougher protection.

      Yeah, it's good to gather as much info as you can before stepping in kits you like. What kit are you planning to do next?

    4. I'm doing the MG Aegis next and I'm planning on painting this guy with a darker shade of pink. For now, I want to do post-shading on my two other kits that I have already built, the 00 Gundam 7 sword and the Strike Noir Gundam. Both are also MG. Do you have a video tutorial on how you apply the weathering set? It would be very helpful to see you in action.

    5. MG Aegis, wow, that's a very nice kit.
      I never done any tutorial vids up till now, I'm not sure if I ever will, but I'll make a detailed step by step blogpost when I get some free time. Just got a job and moved into a whole new city, that's why I haven't update my blog just yet.

      Stay tuned, and feel free to ask me any questions. I'm happy to help you out.

    6. May be I just need a decent webcam..... Hmm. Or even my ipad. I shall think about it.

    7. Thanks always for the help and the tips. I'll sure be checking your other posts for any tips. :)

  4. Hello Gundam-beginner!
    Thank you for your advices regarding topcoating the other day. I just completed an No Grade 1/100 Exia waiting for a nice weather to topcoat, and then I would like to try out weathering it with Tamiya kit(I got C & B). So I need your precious advices. I would like to do a weathring similar to the one on your QanT on the Exia. Then I also want to know how to do a lighter "post-shading" just like your PG Astray above for a MG Unicorn Ka (I want it to be subtle^^). Ok, so you said "different surface gives different results"
    I guess you mean Matte Topcoat = strong effect and Gloss Top coat = lighter effect? It is not possible to apply on bare plastic right? What was the top coat on the Astray when you started post shading? Do you have any advices about how to handle the brush for best control of effect?

    Regarding the sand effect on your RG Launcher Strike, how did you do it? Tamiya weathering kit also?

    And just a last question about panel lining : How do you choose to use Real Touch marker or GM pens? For now, I mainly used GM pen. I think it is difficult to have a straight line sometimes and I have to use tooth pick to thin the line and make it look straight. I don't know if this is the good way for panel lining. Do you have any advices regarding that also?

    Sorry for all those questions^^

    Pierre (France)

    ps: How do you order from Samuel Decals? I went to their facebook page but can not connect to their new website (only the old one). Is their a way to see all their available products before mailing them? I am looking for RG Aile Strike, PG Aile Srike, RG GP01 and PG GP01 but can see them...

    1. For the moment, Samuel decal receive orders through email, you will need to browse through his Facebook photos and look for decals you want, and email him.

      He trace over original dry transfer decals to make the water slides, so if the kit is not yet available, he can't trace it.

    2. Or if he didn't trace that particular decal.

    3. Hey there,

      Yes, you're right, matte surface gives stronger effects vice versa. It is possible to apply on bare plastic, but it is unnoticeable. I applied weathering master on painted surface for this astray, since paints are gloss, it gives just subtle effect I wanted.

      Use the provided sponge will do, just briefly brush it on, you can test it with the runner trees.

      Yes, RG strike uses weathering master too, but with real touch filter> matte topcoat> Tamiya weathering master.

      GM pens are oil pigments, real touch are more like acrylics. Real touch are good for watery effects, e.g. Rust, water marks, oil stain etc. it gives more control since it is watery. If you want just general panel lines, GM will do.

      I use cotton buds to rub the GM and real touch markers to make it fade in the panel lines.

  5. Hi GB, love the way your RF looks. Planning to start my RF soon. Recently it's been calling to me to assemble it. Want to ask, What top coat do u use after the shading? Matte or gloss? Thanks and congratulations on getting married

    1. Hey Kaboku,
      Thanks so much for dropping by.. As final touch, I will use Flat / Matte top coat.
      yeah, omg I can't believe I'm getting married. LOL

    2. I know the feeling. I recently got married and I couldn't believe it either. Won't the matte top coat affect the metallic of the red?

    3. I actually liked the subtle metallic red finish after a matte topcoat covers it. It looks satin.
      but if you don't want to cover the metallic, you will need to spray each metallic parts with gloss topcoat separately.

    4. The problem I'm going to face when I do post-shading is I have to matte topcoat the piece. Wondering if I is possible to gloss is up again after the matte finish

    5. yes you can do a gloss topcoat after your weathering.

  6. hey there, i just snapped a pg astray red frame of mine and i was wondering how to use the Tamiya Weathering Master C Set exactly
    i was thinking you just rub the sponge side of the tool and then rub it on the kit?
    did you use orange rust on the white, gun metal on the red/gray?

    1. Hi Ruben, thanks for dropping by my humble blog =)

      Yes, just rub it on like make up. Depends on what you want as final result, if you want rust or silver dry brushed metal scratch effect, go ahead using red / silver.

      As I wanted a subtle look, I used only little amount of Gun Metal pigment for this PG Astray Red Frame build.

      Also note, as stated above in my post, gloss and matte surface can have different effect.

    2. i'll probably have to youtube how to apply make up lol
      im going to have a matte finish and i liked yours a lot also, i wanted try something similar
      so you only used the gun metal color?
      and where exactly do i want to apply it?

    3. Its easy.. just brush on some gun metal pigments on edges. The idea is to create slightly darker edges.

    4. ahhh okay, i was overthinking it
      thanks a lot man i appreciate the posts and the help



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