Google+ Gundam Beginner: June 2012
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28 Jun 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] WIP5

There and back again.. PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame]is fully assembled!
Now, Straight to the images..

Overall Look is awesome! I must admit PG Astray is almost par with my favourite PG Aile Strike now. It looks good just standing there.

(remember you can click on the images for larger view)

20 Jun 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] WIP3

Hello Gundam Guys and Gundam Gals~ Its been raining cats and dogs lately. and winter brought some frost during the day. But, I managed to catch a few sunny moment to do some paint job on this baby.

So here it is, PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame] WIP 3!

10 Jun 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] WIP1.5

Busy around the corner, here is a small tiny update on the PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame]!
its so tiny.. I'll call it WIP 1.5

Here is another example of Real touch marker!

1. Run through the Real Touch Marker on all the panel lines (and) edges

2. Use a Q-tip, gently rub it until its smooth.

3. Repeat step 1-2 until it looks the way you wanted it. (the more coats you put on, the more dirt/ grease marks you create.)

6 Jun 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] WIP1

PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame]
Well, here goes...

once you open the box, a nice gray-scale Gundam Astray [Red Frame] greet you.

Look at that chrome blade...

5 Jun 2012

PG Astray Red Frame!

I'm so into PG!
so yea, This will be my entry for a contest. hope for the best!
PG Gundam Astray Red Frame!

This would be my 2nd favourite Gunpla right after PG Aile Strike.

Yes, I'm insane... aiming to finish it before 31st July.

2 Jun 2012

GG's post of MG Blitz!

Wow, Can you resist from buying MG Blitz after seeing this?
This is so gonna be in my next shopping list!


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