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10 Jun 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] WIP1.5

Busy around the corner, here is a small tiny update on the PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame]!
its so tiny.. I'll call it WIP 1.5

Here is another example of Real touch marker!

1. Run through the Real Touch Marker on all the panel lines (and) edges

2. Use a Q-tip, gently rub it until its smooth.

3. Repeat step 1-2 until it looks the way you wanted it. (the more coats you put on, the more dirt/ grease marks you create.)

So now that they are all Gun-metal-ed and Real Touch-ed, you should end up with something like a die-cast metal parts.

Another example.. Real Touch on Silver Leaf

Ok, here is the REAL die-cast metal that will go in the knee. It will show at the back of the knee after final assembly,
At first, I wanted to paint it Black, but then.. Red looks good beside Gun-metal.

So here it is,

The die-cast look alright...

So now, in my opinion, This look far better than all dark Red inner-frame. Don't you think?

So this is it. Stay tuned for WIP 2.0


  1. Gun Metal is such a fantastic color to put on Gunpla, isn't it? I need to grab myself a few (dozen?) cans for when I build my MG Banshee (When I get it).

    1. oh yes, Gun metal just makes inner frames look metal-ish! if you looking on getting an MG painted. you probably need 2 or 3 cans.



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