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26 Jun 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] WIP4

Welcome back! Here's a short update on PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame]! WIP4

The head does not have a well designed inner frame compare to PG Strike, Its simpler.
This V-Fin is huge! Correct me if I'm wrong, I think this is the biggest V-Fin in all Gundam designs.

Loving the head. (ignore the seam line in the arm peg - you can't see them when the arms' attached)

The shoulder armors are not well designed, inner details and the frame is ONE piece. the MG version improved though... making them two separate parts.

Oh well.. a simple Gundam Real Touch Marker will reach and bring out the details.

PG Astray [Red Frame] burst mode! Thought of the Formania's MSN-04 Sazabi for a moment.

Gun-metal continues to every arm's inner frame joints.

Did some simple panel lines to the head while waiting some sprayed parts to dry..

Patience.. Gundam Astray, Patience... you'll get your arms soon... They just need a second coat tomorrow morning....

Golden wrist frame.. loving that! (ignore the seam line too.. you can't see them when armor is attached) yea, you may start to notice I'm a lazy modeller.. =D

So there you go, PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame] WIP4!

You may notice some ads starting in my blog. yea, I have to confess, keeping this hobby is quite a wallet drain. I update my blog with my ways on building Gunpla, hope my blog would be useful for some of you. Would be great if you can support me through clicking the ads and buying from Amazon.

I know some reader will feel annoyed by the ads. If so, please ignore the ads... (I'm feeling guilty putting up those ads knowing they will upset or annoy readers )

 PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame] WIP5 on its way.....


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    1. No no, you misunderstood me.
      I meant Gunpla is a wallet draining hobby. I'm just trying to find a way to cut down some Gunpla expenses. so.. hope this blog helps someone.



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