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14 Jun 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] WIP2

Welcome back! and Here's the PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame] WIP 2
* legs done..

For some reason, I love the primer's colour.
almost like PG Astray De-active mode. Hah! Wonder if Gundam Astray have De-active mode.

Shinny~  more shinny..

This part will be revealed when you bend the knee

Started some white armour parts

Voala! Left to Right. BIG transformation

Just loving the bending mechanism in this! despite that they cant bend as good as PG Strike.
so yea, all the hardwork, now you get to see the inner frames painted to metal realistic colours.

More details...

Loving these legs... Guess no other Gundam's legs as sexy as these. 


  1. Looks awesome, especially those details in the knee's, and no the astray does not have a de-active mode like the strike, the astray doesnt have the phase shift armor like the GAT series have, the astray frames have normal armor but are faster due to the fact it doesnt have to carry the weight of the heavy phase shift armor

    1. Thanks!
      ahhh! no wonder it doesn't have the phase shift armor decals! looks like you are very into SEED series too =D

    2. Lol yes, but I didnt know this, I only know that fact because I read the astray gundam wiki when on the search for the blue frame basic frame.

    3. so does it means that astray takes more damage compare to strike?

    4. I guess so.. but may be Astray move faster than Strike on ground. just like exia. need as light armored as possible.

  2. hey, may i know what paint did u use? thanks

    1. Hi, I used Tamiya's spray cans.

    2. Did you use any primer? I'm really impressed with the outcome. Perhaps, if you may, I will use this as an inspiration for my own Astray project xD

    3. oh yes, Primed also with Tamiya's super fine Primer. Well, its my honour to have my PG Astray be your inspiration! =D

    4. Can you please list down the paints used in this kit? :D

    5. Ok, I've used the following spray cans:

      1. Mica Red (some Reds are left unpainted to give 2 kinds of Red)
      2. Gun Metal
      3. Light Gun Metal
      4. Gloss Black
      5. Silver Leaf
      6. Metallic Gold (make sure to have Gloss black as undercoat)
      7. Ijin Gray

      as you can see... I spent quite a lot on this kit. LOL
      Airbrush is highly recommended for PG, it'll cut down your paint budget

    6. uhmm, last question pls xD

      What type/brand of primer did you use?

    7. oh, I used Tamiya's fine primer, I find light gray works well with the red. or may be its just me. =D

  3. u do not paint the white parts?

    1. Hi there, yeah I didn't paint the white parts.
      They look good as is IMO.



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