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20 Jun 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] WIP3

Hello Gundam Guys and Gundam Gals~ Its been raining cats and dogs lately. and winter brought some frost during the day. But, I managed to catch a few sunny moment to do some paint job on this baby.

So here it is, PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame] WIP 3!

As you can see, I've Gun-metal -ed the structural inner frames.

I can't help it... Its a beauty to look at those Gold reveal parts of the inner frame. some how, Gundam Astray works well with Red and Gold! perhaps I need to make another Astray... in Gold frame?

Now, the chest! finally.. another sunny day for this inner frame.

The waist support part is hollow! I've had a problem on the previous PG Strike, where it broke when I was playing around posing it. had to order this little part to replace it. and Epoxy Putty it.

So, I don't want it to happen again, Astray will have the same treatment.

While I was waiting for some parts to dry, I went on to "test" fit it. well, I can't wait to see what Astray will look like.

ok back to construction, the parts that were waiting to be dried.......
Metallic Gold pistons!

But, you won't see them that often.. sadly.

But the waist part pistons will always be visible!

Just look at the Gold Piston shines!

I think, the beam saber holder should be somewhat Gun-metal. Just to make some difference between body and attachment.

Back pack up!

All the Gun metal, silver, gold are shinning and revealing themselves. I personally think this is what Astray should look like. (not all maroon colour)

Love this picture the most!

One thing I dislike about PG Astray is that.. the Beam saber holders seem to be under-developed. They are.... empty. Feels like a rain water collection tank..

Another look of the revealing parts.

So, next up! the head! one of the coolest Gundam Head! over-sized chin, V-fin, Etc. everything oversize.

This is it, my latest update on PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame], Catch ya'll later.


  1. This is amazing! I'm actually inspired to open the unopened kits I forgot about.

    1. Yea, this kit is amazing. I really recommend you build it. This is my 2nd favourite PG kit.

  2. Thanks for inspiring me to revisit my PG SF... ;) This is an excellent build you've got going here, keep up the great work!

    1. =) thanks! you got some excellent works up your blog there! You are the one inspiring me. mind if we exchange blog links?

    2. Absolutely! I've added you to my blogroll already. :)

  3. did you painted the whole kit or just parts you want to paint? Any primer used? Use spray can and marker?
    I really Like the the detail of the inner frame (gold etc in some small details) which I think I need to learn the patience to really think about it 1 by 1.(I just simply paint the whole thing the same colour hehe)
    Not doing weathring on this? looking forward to have a look at the finish product:)

    1. nah, I didn't paint everything. (but most of it) Left all the whites, some reds and black unpainted. They look good already.
      yea, Primer is a must for spray painting. and yea, I'll be using markers to panel line them.

      as for weathering, I'm not gonna do it like Exia R1 or Qan[T]. This PG Astray deserve some clean / shading build. =D

    2. The wht sort of coating you use, I mean brand and is it can bottled as well?
      I used the tamiya flat coat on my eva 01 and it went cloudy. then I didnt try on my other kit then. Is the finish coat that good that even some minor scratches will not bother the paints?
      I always found after painted the whole kit, paints will be scrubbed off after doing some posting. unavoidabe unless dont touch it...

      By the way, if you need my airbrush for your competition I am more than happy to borrow. Just come to my house when I am free.:)

    3. For paint cans I used Tamiya spray cans.
      As for Topcoat, its MR Hobby flat topcoat.
      Cloudy / frost will occur if you spray on high humidity atmosphere. Try spraying during sunny day time.
      Topcoat will solve your problem for paint rubbing off.
      Wow, you have an airbrush?! hmm.. may be next time. Only arms left for this PG Astray

    4. As for top coat, do you spray 1 piece by 1 piece or the whole lot when done?
      And how do you know if the kit was fully top coated as they are all transparent.
      I assume you got the mr hobby topcoat online as tiger model didnt sell them.
      I was thinking to buy them before buy ebay...need to wait and i have my airbrush so just tamiya flat.
      We should hang out together some times because I am also quite serious about modeling. Now doing strike freedom gundam MG.

    5. generally I divide them into limbs, head, torso. then Topcoat them.
      I choose Flat topcoat as they make the model kits appear more realistic. you can tell the difference when you topcoat them with Flat/matte.
      yes, I've bought them online. Quite a bargain when you buy a few.
      Tamiya flat works well also. if you don't wanna go online.
      =D you're welcome to come visit me. When we are free.

  4. Hey, maybe you should enter this baby for the Gunpla Builders World Cup!

    1. oh Brandon, This is only my 2nd PG kit. I don't think I'm good enough for World Cup. But thanks for the encouragement!

  5. random question: does your kit come with the tiger pierce?

    1. hmm.. The answer will be yes and no.

      I have order the tiger pierce parts! Its gonna take a while to get here.
      so, I'm not sure if it will come before the competition 31st July deadline.

      in the mean time, my friend has agreed and willing to let me build his PG Astray's garbera straight to enter this competition with 2 katanas.

      we'll see how it goes.

  6. Hey there, just wondering if you had a link on where to order the tiger Pierce from? Cheers

    1. Hi there,

      Unfortunately Tiger Pierce is a limited product came out with initial release for PG Astray Red Frame. In this blog, I borrowed an extra Gerbera Straight from a friend.

      You could order extra Gerbera Straight parts from Bandai if you are in Japan.



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