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6 Jun 2012

PG Astray [Red Frame] WIP1

PG Gundam Astray [Red Frame]
Well, here goes...

once you open the box, a nice gray-scale Gundam Astray [Red Frame] greet you.

Look at that chrome blade...

These are my tools to kick start the assembly.
- A good set of nippers
- Hobby knife
- Squadron Products Sanding Stick, Fine
- Mr. Cement S

some boxes..

and painting clips

WIPs. well. I think inner frames shouldn't be red coloured. may be just me. =/
I like it metal!

Some colour testing. hmm~ loving the metallic gold and...

Ferrari Red!

Added some grease mark with the Gundam Real Touch Marker Set 2 . Could you tell the difference?

Hmm, nah.. bottom plate should be gun metal, Added some detail bronze pipping too.

Boxes of gold, silver, gun metal, light gun metal. hmmm decision making.

Anyone fancy the Metallic gold? I do~

Yup.. till next time~


  1. nicee...
    btw how much money did you pay for this? Just wanna know

    1. erm.. I've lost count of the spray cans I bought. =/ but you need a lot for a PG.

    2. uh... I wasn't talking about spray cans :\. I was talking about the PG itself...
      - Striker

    3. ahhh... its $240 when I bought it. quite a wallet bleed

  2. Hey, looks good that paintjob, how did you get that metallic effect on the red parts?

    1. Hi Laurent, I used Tamiya's Mica Red spray can to get that effect. It looks awesome up close! =D

    2. ok, it looks awesome yes, I used ferarri red from humbrol on my GP01 for the red parts looks awesome too not the metalic shine but didnt go for it on that kit. next to the PG strike I want in the near future I am thinking of getting the red astray too, but then turn it into the basic blue frame, and want that same kind of metalic shine you have on the red parts you have.

    3. ah... Blue frame! they have Mica blue too from Tamiya. well, of course humbrol should be cheaper.

    4. I hope I can have an airbrush when the time arises lol, I used spray cans on my GP01 and it just a pain to see how many cans I needed for that, and even though humbrol is cheaper then tamiya(only by about 2.5 euro, at which a 100ml tamiya can is 9 euro's and humbrol uses 150ml cans). I want more control over they painting, I had a few problems with the cans, especially the flat coat that frosted(but it it looks awesome on some spots looking like wear and tear from usage)

    5. Airbrush is the cheapest way to go in a long run. Save up and get one is actually a good idea! I'm still using spray cans at the moment, its really draining my wallet very rapidly. I always uses Tamiya sprays because of the smooth colours!

      As for the frost issue, its because the air humidity is high when you topcoating it. Try use Topcoats in sunny days or check local weather forecast for humidity levels. I had an experience on this as well.

    6. I did the spraying inside a garage but it only happend on spots not on whole parts. Still looks good. I agree that the tamiya flat paint(was tired of waiting for the humbrol white flat so found this somewhere, cant really say there is any difference between colour in them) gives a smoother result then the humbrol flat paint which feels grainy after drying, which gives a nice texture but is also more ebrasive then the tamiya I think(had that problem with red from the waist armor rubbing off on the white of the nose of the corefighter. which sucked big time, luckilly some adjusting and a top coat solved the problem.

      As for airbrush, there are some nice looking starter sets for sale that I have seen, not that I know much about them with compressor included that look nice universal sets to start with instead of instantly having to buy an expensive compressor and expensive airbrush.

    7. ahh, If that's so, I don't really know what caused the frosting. Tamiya is still my choice for painting, they just never disappoints me (except for the price, that is...). I've used up probably 10 cans now on my PG Astray, they ran out pretty quickly.

      I'm very keen to start with a starter bundle pack. but I probably need some advice from someone who knows how to use it.

    8. hello there,
      10 cans of spray paint? wow that's a lot. Is that amount includes overall paint or 10 cans/color?
      btw, nice wip

    9. erm... I'd say I used up 15~20 cans total for finishing this PG. that's why an Airbrush is cheaper when it comes to large model kits.

  3. What metalic gold spray are u using?

    1. Hey there, I used tamiya's metallic gold spray cans TS-84.

  4. I've also used the TS-84 Metallic Gold but why is it that yours are more darker and golder, mine was lighter or silvery look.. Did you use a primer for the gold part? Is it the TS-14?

    1. Hi there, I primed them with very light layer of fine surface grey primer > TS-14 black. I think this would make the black paint even surface for the metallic gold to pop.



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