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22 May 2012

RG Freedom continues~~

Been a busy week! here are some WIP I did for RG Gundam Freedom

I have to say.. these decals are very repetitive.
Two good news though, a POST ARRIVED!

Yes, I know, I'm die hard Strike fan......RG Gundam Strike Deactive

  and I got something for free from a friend of mine. (He just wanted the Sazabi.... )

Thanks!!!!!!!! someone interested to buy this Gundam Nu Converge?
hmmm or may be I'll keep it


  1. Those are some seriously good looking wings.

    Btw, what do you use for lining ?

    1. Yes! those wings are awesome.
      I'm using real touch markers on panel lines for a softer approach.
      I just want a clean no overly shaded RG.

      ( I bet no one wants Freedom to be dirty )

    2. Ah the famous real touch markers.

      I've been using them also to line, but I wasn't sure how they would cope with the extremely small details of 1/144 RG kits. Yours looks fantastic so I will give them a go when I start lining my RX 78-2.

    3. yes, real touch markers are particularly good with RG for their different depth panel lines. real touch markers reach every part of them easily



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