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24 Jan 2013

General News Update 9

Big news!! I'm actually very keen on this release.

MG 1/100 Jesta (Release Date: April 2013, Price: 4,200 yen)

Its only a CAD 3D image for now, we'll see how the actually prototype look like. Good thing I waited for this MG release, I was tempted to get this for my first ever HG last year...

So, what else can we expect for the later release?

MG 1/100 Sinanju [OVA/Anime Ver.]  (Release Date: Mar 2013, Price: 7500 yen)

MG Unicorn OVA has a few improvement from ver.ka, but what else can be improve for the MG Sinanju Ver.Ka though? By far one of the best MG out there. (Syd rated MG Sinanju Ver.Ka 94.3%) We'll have to wait for more information about this monster. wait... Monster should be Kshatriya! I'd like to see MG on this. 

Till next time.
p/s: The hiatus will soon be over, (enjoying my long holidays at the moment)

Source: Gundam Guy head on here for more future release.

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