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22 Nov 2012

General News Update 5

Well, as you probably noticed, I'm not using General News Update to cover all new releases. I'm just posting those kits I'm particularly interest in. Mostly in RG and MG.
Something caught my eye.

MG 1/100 RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver. Ka
(Release Date: Dec 2012, Price: 7350 yen)

Who wouldn't be interested in this? No doubt, this will be the best version on Nu Gundam.
  • Waterslide decals will be included.
  • Could use Bandai LED to light-up the eyes. (not sure if the LEDs are included though)
  • PG alike manipulator hands in MG size!
  • There is one *secret* to be revealed at the Gundam Expo. 

  • The Secret is REVEALED! This dude has Psycho Frame!

So, What do you think?


Light up LED similar to MG Exia / MG 00 Raiser / MG Marasai, etc.

Secret? here it is... Isn't this a MUST have?

RG 1/144 MSZ-006  Zeta Gundam 
(Release Date: Nov 2012, Price: 3000 yen)

And oh yes, RG!
I love the RG line, they are just so detailed at 1/144 scale. Although some kits could be very fragile and flimsy. But look at that RG Zeta, it looks as if it is MG 2.0 or PG scaled down. How bout that?

HGUC 1/144 Delta Gundam Kai
(Release Date: Dec. 2012, Price: 2,600 yen)

No comment really, just awesome. Reluctant to get HG, but I really wish it will come out MG.

Source: Gundam Guy head on here for more future release.


  1. ahhh, been awhile since I visted this blog... Anyway, waterslide decals are always a plus when the kit is a ver ka

    1. welcome back Nagisa, been a while since I make any Gunpla also. well, caught up with life, gonna work to pay some bills. hah!

      oh yes, the Waterslides are superb in Ver. ka. always like how realistic they are.

  2. I'm also waiting for Nu gundam ver ka, that articulate hands looks awesome... i hope it also came with fin funnels effect

    1. yeah, the full articulated hands are really awesome! well, as much as i love effect parts, I do hope for something more from the hidden secret. (which will be revealed soon)

  3. I have not watched the nu gundam in action or the gundam series the gundam parcitpate so is the nu gundam like the unicorn with the pyscho frame????

    1. Unicorn is made from Nu Gundam, Sinanju Stein and Sinanju's data. So Nu Gundam is basically the grand-daddy of Unicorn. so yeah, all of them have psycho frame behind the armors to enhance battle abilities.



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