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17 Nov 2012

General News update 6

Gundam Seed C.E.73 Stargazer (Blu-ray) Release - Announced!

You all know I like Gundam SEED a lot. This is just getting better!

Now, Can I hope for RG Strike Noir? or PG? I'd love to have it. Probably just me...
Strike Noir is a cool addition to RG line IMO.

Source : Gundam Guy


  1. lol nice, as for PG kits they should release the other 2 strike packs in PG too :P

    1. Oh yeah man, that would be awesome! Lets hope it for near future. Loving the RG so far!

    2. Btw, I ordered my first few RG kits(rx78, aile strike and skygrasper) so lets see how those are, cant wait

    3. Wow! I'm still thinking if I wanna get RG RX78-2 or not. Tell me what you think once you finished it. Be sure to post it to your blog!

    4. Lol, I will, dont think I will paint it though but depends on what I think once its assambled. Kinda got it cause everyone needs an rx78-2 someone said to me once lol. My PG skygrasper is in that same order :D

    5. Oh yeah, I do agree that you have to have one RX78-2. I just haven't decide which grade/version to go with. Oh yeah! PG Aile Strike way to go!

    6. yeah, its kinda weird though, I dont like the 1/144 scale as its to small I think, but the RG line looks like it brings MG frame to 1/144 scale.

      And now I realised I will have 2 PG gundam planes stalled on the shelf after my PG skygrasper comes in lol. Ohh and I will have a surprise kit comming to non gunpla related which is huge :P

    7. huge kit?! oh you are famous for huge kits. LOL. show us ASAP!



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