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22 Nov 2012

General News update 8

Holy... What's going on? they are all fantastic releases!!

MG 1/100 Sinanju Stein [Feb 2013]

MG 1/100 Aile Strike Remaster [Spring 2013]

MG 1/100 Jesta [Spring 2013]

RG test pattern for inspection.. Might be the future direction for the line.

Source : Gundam Guy

At the moment, 2013 is the best year of Gunpla for me. MG Sinanju Stein, MG Aile Strike remaster, MG Jesta, RG Destiny..

I'll definitely go for MG Sinanju Stein and MG Aile Strike! I'll save others for later. Bandai ripping me off!


  1. indeed there's a lot of interesting stuffs that will be released in 2013 OMG XD
    I'm kinda interested about the MG jesta and strike gundam but I was hoping for at least a perfect strike haha

    1. Yea man, the 2013 releases are awesome! The MG Aile Strike does look slightly improved from the old MG... Let's wait and see for further updates! yea man, Perfect strike would be nice!

  2. and GB, dont forget about MG ReZEL Defenser type-c too!!! cant wait, bandai pls take my money!!

    1. Oh wot! how could I missed that! MG ReZEL does look better in Defenser type-C! I'll update about this soon



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