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18 Apr 2012

MG Qan[T] WIP 4

Ok, I'm pretty sure it can hold the shield and bits.
the spray paints increased the friction a lot on the hip ball joint.

Then I started building the Full Saber. It was ok at first.
Everything works well and looks well,


Stress marks appears when I put this piece on! looks like the pins are too small and created a lot of pressure.

Sigh... I need to get to my nearby hobby shop to get a Tamiya Blue spray paint to fix this..
Till then..~ Ciao~


  1. You don't need to get spray paint to cover the stress marks. If your local hobby store carries Tamiya Polishing Compound, you can use them instead. You need Course, Fine and Finish. Use a Q-tip and apply the Course on the part. Rub it in with a cloth. Repeat with the Fine and Course compounds. The stress mark should be gone.

  2. This method also works with removing nubs. Sand the part down with high grit sand paper and follow up with the polishing compounds. It's a more time consuming process though. I currently have my MG Seven Sword/G disassemble to do this, but I'm to lazy to work on it, so it's just sitting on my desk collecting dust.

    1. wow, this information is totally new to me! I thought they were only for polishing to get smooth shinny tamiya cars surface. I'll see if my local hobby store carries these things.

    2. I never knew they remove stress marks..



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