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29 Apr 2012

MG Qan[T] Designer's decal.

I've finally found the missing spirit of Gundam Qan[T]!
no wonder why it looked so empty in the last post.

ok, no more decals.. it is just the way I wanted... Till next time.. ciao~


  1. It's coming together very nice. What will make the vents really pop is painting them grey. It will add more detail. Don't paint the housing grey, just the vents. Like on the shield.

    1. Thanks, hmm~ I did spray painted gun metal on the vent inner part. may be it doesn't show it too well in photos? nonetheless, I added more panel lines on the vents. =]

    2. or did you mean the vents near the knees?

    3. The vents on the shield on the inner frame portion. Just the vents in grey, not the housing around the vents, just the vents. Grey or black really brings out the detail on vents. It's a very subtle change that adds more depth. Like on a glossy black car, you see the trim around the windows in a grey. Just more detail.

    4. I get you now. ok, this is gonna be one of my detailing part. Again, a very helpful tip! Thanks a lot. its gonna be a challenge painting such small vents. hmm.

      btw Mystery, any blog of some sort to let me learn more from your built kits?

    5. Unfortunately, I do not have a blog or website to show my Gundams. I would not be able to manage it, at the same time school and life. Although, I can give you a fellow gundam modelers website that I follow all the time.

      His blogroll is full of other websites where people show their Gundams, tutorials and WIP's or WISP.

      Another great website is, just type it in Google if you can't understand Japanese, That's what I do. is Keita's website. I'm sure you have seen his work, everyone has. Click his ME+ link for his gallery. It is great.

      Another website is, it is a very easy site to navigate.

      Just look through all the sites and take your time, especially on Z's (Gunpla Inochi) blogroll, You'll see a lot of great talent and models.

  2. wow, decals do make the world a happier place =D
    honestly, i've broken more kits than you've built, and yet your work is far beyond mine T_T
    i should really pick up the slack lol

    1. haha, the decals really makes it look nicer.. I was wondering what's missing in the last post. then I found it sitting in the BTF full saber IV box. lol!

  3. Hi there Gundam Beginner, just found this blog to see opinions from PG Red Frame's reviewer.
    I bought this PG Red Frame awhile ago and haven't had a nerve to build it.
    I finished building PG Strike, MG Red Frame and MG Blue Frame... all three of them are kinda shared similarity and just about the same for me.

    Do you have that kind of feeling... build something in repetition that make you sick of it? O.O

    Really nice Qan[t] though, do you have any weathering tutorial or tips/links that I could learn of?

    1. Hi there welcome to my humble blog. Well, although PG Strike and PG Astray share similar inner frame, I still enjoy them because I tackle them with different approach.

      PG Strike has black/dark grey inner-frame. which makes it easy to [pick and spray paint]. leaving most of the joints parts unpainted, and it still looks reasonably good!

      PG Astray in the other hand, needs far more patience. To me, I like the joints and inner-frames to be metallic/gun-metal -ish. So PG Astray's red frame/ joints were very disturbing for me. LOL!

      I then painted the whole inner frame of PG Astray. (You can see it in my blog posts)

      I do agree sometimes it feel stupid to build similar things 2nd time. So that's why I built MG Qan[T] in between!! =D that makes things slightly more interesting.

    2. most gunpla-ers customized the outside appearance of the kit... unlike yours, but I really like the subtle details on the PG Red Frame of yours.
      It's very inspiring.
      I might try doing this as well. Thanks.

    3. Well, I admire the effort and outcome of those customized kit. But I tend to stick to original colour schemes with added little details.

      I would like to try adding custom panel lines next time. But I won't go customize them too crazily. I like originality... somewhat. LOL



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