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25 Apr 2012

MG Qan[T] - decals on

Here it is! Finally smacked on the waterslide decals!
- I followed the decal guide on all default positions...

It looks good, but.. WOT! I only used 10% of the waterslides sheet? o.0

So yea, I went and put some more... Left thigh~! I always liked some decals here..

I think that's quite enough for decals, Qan[T] really looks complex enough.. I don't really want a graffiti gundam. LOL

Oh yea, some updates on the Full saber!
- Painted it with Tamiya TS-44 Brilliant blue.. not the exact blue as the original, but close,
  it offsets the weapon too. I can live with that...

Here it is... holding it.

The Full Saber does not have a peg hole! But you can make it rest on the arm guard.. it "rest" quite well there..

Or holding like King Arthur..

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