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27 Apr 2012

MG Qan[T] half shading!

Just an update showing difference between:
Shaded [left] and non shaded [right].

Shaded after waterslide decals so that the decals get shaded too!

Looks alright... what do you think? too light?


  1. The amount of shading you have is perfectly fine. If you add to much, it might take the look away from the gundam.

    1. yea, True, I'll stop here on the left and continue finishing the kit.

  2. beginnger? that's a terrible lie lol
    looks way beyond alright, that's an amazing job you did there
    makes me wonder if i should be encouraged or discouraged about my modelling progress...or the lack of it... XD

    there's one little nitpick i have - only because you call yourself a "beginner" =D. that yellow you used looks a little plastic to me. reminds me of ABS runners... maybe because it's too pale combined with the matte coat. it could be lighting or just being a photo... maybe something you could try differently on your next kit if you agree

    ps i spent so long trying to not sound rude... i dont think i want to do that again.

    1. LOL! I'm not lying, this is my 6th kit? 7th?
      Don't be discouraged, lets encourage each other to improve. haha

      Yes, I totally agree, up until this point, I only pick and spray paint inner frames to gun metal. other than that, all colours remain original. but I do agree the yellow being too pale compare to blue and white.

      I still got quite a bit of backlog to build (about... 6 more kits?) I'll take your advice and get some yellow spray paints started. *I don't want my PG 00 raiser to be ruined by pale yellow!*

      ops, was that too obvious for hint on next kit? =D

    2. if that's the original colour then i guess it's not your fault. lol i thought you painted over it using colours close to the original

      you have a backlog of 6 kits... i have a backlog of 6 kits beside me...and then a pile more in the closet... and a ton of repairs that i need to do XD

  3. Looks very good. I would say that it's not too light, if it were me I would made it lighter, but that's personal taste and regardless yours looks fantastic.

    What did you use for the shading?

    1. thanks for the comment!
      I used tamiya weathering master set A's gunmetal for the shading, Just brush it on the flat topcoated surface.

  4. Looks very nice and i would like to do something similar with my QAN[T].
    I have only 1 MG kit experience (an Heavyarms) and i have coloured only some weapons with acrylic without primer, shading etc...only some paneling. I'm quite satisfied but it's time to do more :-) ...can i ask you for some hints? I have no knowledge abouts steps and products...

    1. hi there, welcome to my humble blog,

      Of course, you can pop me any questions while you building your Qan[T]. I'll do my best to answer them. I've done slightly more in this kit (Dry brushing & post-shading) compare to previous kits.

      you can also have a look on my previous Tutorial posts in my "Tutorial" label.

  5. Cool thanks!...i've created a google account now and took a look at your tutorial (usefull)
    I have a lot of questions :-) idea is to do something simple, basically applying some shadows and maybe paint some parts...or trying the whole stuff and paint all!
    Assuming the simple scenario should i have to start with a primer?
    - is it necessary?
    - is it transparent?
    - applied with a brush or spray is better?
    - would it be better to apply it to each piece or when assembled?
    - which products?

    1. Glad to know my little tutorial helps.

      yup, if you are thinking of painting, be sure to prime it. It helps the paint sticks on plastic better (a LOT better).

      - yes, it is.
      - it will be either White/light grey/ grey.
      - I always use spray cans primer. Hand brush is very challenging to get even coat.
      - Each piece is better. just so you can have control of even coat on each part.
      - Tamiya's surface primer. comes with White/light grey/ grey.

      White primer tend to work best for light colours - Yellow, etc.
      grey better on darker colours.

    2. Try to put THIN coat of primer. Its ok to leave the plastic original colours slightly visible after prime, your spray paints will cover the rest.

  6. I guess a full paint is too challenging for a 2nd kit :-)
    I will keep i simple: i want to do something like you did with your QAN[T], just tell me if i understood right all steps:
    - Spray gun metal (with no primer) on inner parts
    - transparent top coat on external parts (by brush? product?)
    - paneling
    - apply decals and stickers
    - shadowing with tamyia wheathering master (set A?)
    - transparent top coat to protect everything?

    1. Yes, I too always reluctant to paint the whole kit, since most of the parts look good originally (given that the nubs are removed properly).

      - yes, the PG Aile Strike I did was without primer. (but it cost me more Gun-metal spray paints) So, I'd still recommend priming them.
      * This step should be later.
      - yes, panel lines can be applied on bare plastic/ painted.
      * yes, then spray topcoat to protect panel lines/ decals/ stickers from weathering.
      - yes, but I used Weathering master set C (gun-metal) for shading.
      - yes, Flat topcoat.

      *Make sure you use Weathering master on "Flat/Matte" topcoated surface. Its pigment dust, and will not work on smooth surface.

    2. Great!...thanks for hints!...hopefully i'll start next week to work on it.
      Keep you updated!

  7. What a great work! It is very impressive!
    How you made the shading on assembled kit? Most tutorials out there are about shading piece by piece pre-assembled. I have my RGs all assembled, with decals on, waiting for post shade only.

    1. Hey Spidey,
      Thanks for dropping by. Most of the tutorials out there are air brush pre-shading.
      I used Tamiya's Weather Master for the post-shading. Its a little unusual (but very easy) way of shading. you can check out my RG Launcher Strike WIP for more details

    2. Hi sir, I have viewed your RG Launcher Strike WIP, however, my doubt is how you make the shading after you have assembled everything, just like your Qan T. Usually tutorials (regardless of using AB or Tamiya Weathering Master), all of them are doing it piece by piece of armor.

    3. Happy new year!

      As long as your Tamiya Weathering master brush can reach parts you want to post-shade, it can be done. Do it piece by piece if the brush couldn't reach certain areas.



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