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6 Aug 2012

RG Strike Trinity WIP1

I wouldn't call it a full WIP1.. Its a small update on my slow paced build off.
Goodguydan has all the inner-frames done, he is very fast!!!

ok, been busy, but here is the update

yup, just the legs.. panel lined and assembled.. =D

"Everyday I'm shuffling~......Shuffling shuffling~~"

"some" of the pigments I'll use. expect this build to be a pigment experiment build. with minimum amount of painting.. that's my approach.

Follow my build!


  1. oh so you're also working on with your RG strike gundam! hehe, what's a(another)coincidence! XD
    I'm also working on a slideshow video for my RG strike gundam hehe
    but perhaps I'll upload it on around september ^_^

    1. haha, yup! I'll be using the Tamiya weathering stuffs to the max on this time. Wanna see what they can really do. oh wow, another awesome poses to learn from? haha

    2. I can't wait to see the final result ;)
      let's say that I'm nearly done about taking photos (around 200-300 or sometimes more) of my rg aile strike gundam, the only thing that which is making me slow to upload a slideshow video is about the arrangement of the photos so that's why, and then some photos "are not good" so I have to deleted some of them
      anyway, I'll let you know when I'm done hehe



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