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23 Aug 2012

General News Update 1

Now, I woke up today... and I saw these.
I Must share it!

So, we got MG Unicorn ver. ka, MG Sinanju ver. ka, now MG Nu ver. ka....
You guys should know what's coming out next!

believe it or not, Its gonna be an EVOLVE Nu Ver.ka

Its funny that its just last night, my housemate wanted this in MG and I said there's only HG at the moment.. now, he's gonna be happy!

note: all images from Gundam Guy


  1. I'm not quite excited about this upcoming release... I'll just wait for the MG Sazabi ver Ka :D

    1. Yup... I'm in the same line! but it won't be bad to have Nu along with Sazabi. =D

  2. A new MG Sazabi would be great! I can see Bandi putting one out later. Especially if they are releasing Nu Gundam.

    1. Yup.. I can see Sazabi coming just like RX78-2/Zaku 2 and Unicorn/Sinanju.
      they are inseparable.



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