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24 Aug 2012

Great Gunpla

How on Earth did he made this in PG?!
I mean... look!

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  1. the white part definitely need air brushing. The shadow(darker) part was 1st painted darker colour(grey most likely) then spray the whole part with base colour(white). I think the white is also mixed with small amount of other colour (e.g. sky blue)
    since it was pg 1/60, it is easier to do those as the parts are huge compare to even MG.

    1. Ah, I know the pre-shading bit.. but just amazed how he/she managed to customize the 1/60 NG Launcher pack to fit into the PG.

    2. I haven't done anything like that yet(taking ng part to PG). Is it hard?
      I thought there's actually a PG launcher gundam? Matbe I am wrong but i thought i saw it somewhere.



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