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29 Aug 2012

RG Strike Trinity WIP5

Alright, after few hours of hideous Waterslide process,
here is what I got so far for RG Strike Trinity..

See familiar custom decal arrangement? look at my PG Aile Strike!

Tried the sand weathering out. they are AMAZING! (I think~)

Seems like there are a few close/similar photos, I always find it hard to choose between photos..
Next will be the Launcher Pack! Slowly but surely, Dan and Appa is way ahead.
Till then~ Ciao~


  1. well, for me it doesn't really matter if there are some similar/same photos, just upload the photos you like to share, it's your blog after all ^_^

  2. looks awesome man!
    hey have you put a top coat over the weathering and decals or is that just the weathering making the blues and reds look metallicy? :)


    1. Thanks!
      Oh, its just the gloss topcoat I put after the 1st weathering(rust) to put my waterslide decals. I'm now done with the 2nd weathering(sand) and topcoated it with Matte/Flat! expect updates soon.

      so its all Flat now. =D



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