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23 Aug 2012

I've got a package 1

Something arrived on my doorstep today..

and These are what i'll be using for my RG Strike Trinity build

  1. MSG Deser Chain Base 01
  2. Tamiya weathering master set A
  3. Tamiya Weathering Master Set C
  4. Real Touch Marker Set 1
  5. Real Touch Marker Set 2
  6. Gundam Marker Weathering Set (set of 6)
  7. Tamiya weathering stick - Sand
So, lets have a look on the MSG Diorama Chain Base 01

Multiple base can be connected. well.. not Desert and Moon surface of course...

its decent, the sand surface needs some work on it though. but it makes a basic shape.

last but not least, RG Justice and MG Astray [Red Frame] for future build..


  1. how big is your backlog by now lol?

    1. Like...Huge? LOL I dare not look at them. =D
      3 limited RGs (which are untouched in box) and 1 normal RG
      2 MGs
      1 PG
      2 Resin kits.

      That's quite a bit...

  2. I'm also thinking to buy a diorama chain base but I don't know if it's enough big for a 1/144 model kit

    1. judging by the size, it's a little compact for a 1/144 scale with dramatic pose. (like what I'm planning to do with Launcher Strike in my sketch) but then, its just nice for a small diorama.



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