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22 Aug 2012

RG Strike Trinity WIP3

Hey guys~

caught up with life lately, haven't been able to update this Build off.
Appasionata and Goodguydan have almost done all of their RG Strike !!

but here is where I'm at at the moment. assembled, with inner frames pick and painted

The details in RG Launcher Pack is brilliant.. all colour parts are as it is. (only some of the greys are painted)

Now, this angle is a beauty... that's all for now, oh... and I have a package today!


  1. hmm, I kind of miss the "latest comment" gadget, can you bring it back if it isn't a pain.

    1. ahh. really? I thought I can make the blog cleaner by a bit.. alright, I'll put it back on. =D



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