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26 Aug 2012

RG Strike Trinity WIP4

Strike's main body done with rust weathering.. (the lazy way)


1- Very straight forward, apply gray real touch wash,

you'll get something like this. a subtle shade of oil stain.


2- Apply brown real touch marker for a hint of rust. apply as random as you can.

3- then, a lighter brown highlight.

Same goes to other parts..

Eventually, you can get something like this.. well, its not perfect. But it looks like strike is being used and rusted a little.

General update for RG Strike, now.. its time for decal


  1. Hi, Just saw you at woolworth today. But was at the counter so didnt go say hi. Anyway theres something I would like to ask you if you dont mind.

    I just tried airbrushing the top coat (clear tamiya paint=gloss?) And I cant really see if I have painted nicely on the kit or not. any tips? I am using air brush not can so its even harder.
    Is can much easier?

    1. Ah is it? haha. I have no experience in Airbrush, but It should produce better control over spray cans. Which is better for even, thin layer coats.

    2. ya. not really easy to control. the paint came out so slow that i dont even see it properly. thts y i want to ask you how do you know if the kit is painted properly? do you have this kind of trouble for cans?

    3. 0.0, how do you know his identity?

    4. we are in the same City. we knew each other. LOL!

      About the painting, if you are using Gloss over a Gloss surface, you can't really tell the difference. If you think you covered it all, then have faith. LOL!

      For spray cans, I always have good experience with it as long as its sunny and low humidity day.



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