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27 Jul 2013

GWC1.0 final results

GWC1.0 Top 3 winners!

A long wait since the GWC1.0 submission posted, but here we are, the results everyone has been waiting for. I would like to thank every contestants for their effort and interest in my first ever contest in Gunpla community.

I will be announcing top 3 winners from our average marks out of 3 judges (Me, Syd aka Gaijin Gunpla & Lupes). As previously started:

Judging Criteria:

Each criteria weighs 20% 5 marks and adds up to 100% 25 in total
  1. Nub removal
  2. Seam line treatment
  3. Weathering scale awareness (remember your model's scale)
  4. Weatheirng techniques
  5. Overall appeal
Every judges went through a form like criteria judging process for each contestant. Lupes supplied with total marks as he is having trouble saving the judging form (my bad..) but nonetheless, the marks are very close!!!
Upon request, the judging forms can be send to contestant.

Cut the intro, straight into the results!

Rank number 1:

Entry no.15 : John Sew - HG Nemo [unicorn version]
with 24.33 marks Check out his blog!

Best one. Love this build. Please tech me how you do it! - Syd Sked [Gaijin Gunpla]

What a great build from John, Weathering technique is superb on this kit, salt/hairspray to bring out that rusting / chip effect. A little more would make this kit overdone, but I think its good!

Prize: MG Jesta

Rank number 2:

Entry no.10 : Chan Kang Hsin - HG MS-06 Zaku the ground war set
with 23.67 marks

In the first image it's tough to see all the work done on this kit but when I looked at each subsequent image and was blown away!..... - Syd Sked [Gaijin Gunpla]

What a great one from Chan, Paint scratches off, decals scrapes off, rust and burnt, ...
this kit is just a perfect weathered kit! That tank stands no chance from this Zaku!

Prize: RG Destiny

Rank number 3:

Entry no.7 : Fury-s12 - SD Delta Plus
with 23.33 marks

The weathering is put on nicely but what really draws the attention of the viewer is the detail in the damage. Wires in the foot? Excellent idea! - Syd Sked [Gaijin Gunpla]

The level of detail is superb on this small SD kit. Every scratch and chip are dealt with black and silver. A perfect example for battle damage weathering! and look, wires as damage detail!

Prize: HG FA Unicorn

So here it is! The top 3 winners for GWC1.0!
.... you guys will be guessing, wait what! where is Lupes' pick?! 
Lupes will be presenting his pick soon after this. He will get back to me soon!
Winners will be contacted soon by email.

Thank you to the honourable judges, Syd aka Gaijin Gunpla and Lupes!
They have fantastic gunpla blogs to show their love towards gunpla.

Thank you all also for your support to my blog. =]

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