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13 Jul 2013

GWC1.0 Submissions

Yup, the time is up! Gunpla Weathering Contest 1.0 aka GWC1.0 is now entering the judging phase.
No more submissions shall be accepted from this post onward.

Phew, what a massive downloads from email. I got to say thank you all of you for your time and interest in joining my first ever contest. Time must have overwhelmed some contestants here, since not every one submitted their final photos. So, I'm posting up all submissions I have received now...

Entry no. 1: Brian (BRC) - HG MS-05B Zaku I

Entry no.3 : Chris Lee a.k.a. Major Li Reedtarded -  HG GN-001 Exia (R1)

 Entry no.4 : Dan a.k.a. Goodguydan - MG MS-06J Zaku II 2.0

Entry no.5 : Fransiska - SD Strike Freedom 

Entry no.6 : Fred a.k.a. Oysterham - MG RGM-79 GM 2.0

Entry no.7 : Fury-s12 - SD Delta Plus

Entry no.9 : Justinius - MG Ez8

Entry no.10 : Chan Kang Hsin - HG MS-06 Zaku the ground war set

Entry no.12 : Mike HG Ez8

Entry no.13 : Tristan - MG G Gundam!









Entry no.14 : Xelnoex - MG Launcher/Sword Strike

Entry no.15 : John Sew - HG Nemo [unicorn version]

Check out his blog!

There you go! 12 contestants successfully submitted their works. Everyone did fantastic work! Although 3 of them could not meet the deadline, but thank you all for showing interest in this contest.

Well, let the judging begin!!!


  1. great work for all, it will be hard for the Judges to make their decisions. Thanks Gundam Beginner for this contest.

  2. Mike's Ez8 and John's Nemo are my fav's. Good luck guys

  3. All very good! But I like the SD Strike Freedom , MG Strike and Gundam Exia.

  4. Those SD kits are so amazing!! Nice weathering and adoreable at the same time!!!

  5. SD strike freedom look awesome..
    It's my favorite..

    And i just realize that the one who make it is a girl.
    That girl's rock!!



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