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24 Sept 2013

Metal Build Exia Repair

Metal Build Gundam Exia Repair

Metal Build continues the Gundam 00 Series,
I think the only one left is Qan[T]....

The box design continues the same format as the previous Metal Builds'. But this time, scratch/ weathered graphics all around the box. --- to match the Repair.

Lets Jump into the box!!!

We all know how well they are packed for the Metal Builds. Everything is protected with extra layers of plastic. Fear not, your "damaged" Exia Repair is superbly protected!

What you get out of the box. Yup, there are only PART of the parts to make Exia R2. Which means,
You must get Metal Build Gundam Exia/ Repair III to complete the set.

Some close ups, details just pops out everywhere, dents/ scratches / burns ... 
Even the decals are all scratched up. the amount of details are amazing.

Even the green clear piece on the chest has a Crack... wow.

GN Drive Burst mode included for Repair 2

Scratch graphic base...
But I think the best part is the cloak. Sculpted to perfection.

Ok, I think a comparison is needed.

Metal Build vs Master Grade!

As comparison, the Cloak really stands out.
For the verdict, head over to my previous MG Exia vs MB Exia post.

MB Exia R2 ( First MB Exia / Repair III release Required )

GN Drive burst mode.

Other pictures,

Metal build is a great collector's series. Although the price creep up to $150 plus, for me they worth every penny. Every expect is better than Master Grade. The only down side is, you don't get to build them.
They are Metal BuilT

Till next time, ciao~


  1. Great kits! This metal building is fantastic! But i still need to buy my MG exia...

    1. Metal Builds are great, but some modellers prefer building it in MG. =]
      But IMHO, I think RG is better than MG in Exia case.



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